Working papers 2000

  • N°61 Explaining Victorian Entrepreneurship: A Cultural Problem? A Market Problem? No Problem? 
    William Kennedy and Robert Delargy
  • N°60 New Answers to Old Questions: Explaining the Slow Adoption of Ring Spinning in Lancashire, 1880-1913 
    Timothy Leunig
  • N°59 The 'Labour Question' in Nineteenth Century Brazil: railways, export agriculture and labour scarcity 
    Lucia Lamounier
  • N°58 Distribution Dynamics: Stratification, Polarization and Convergence Among OECD Economies, 1870-1992 
    Philip Epstein, Peter Howlett and Max-Stephan Schulze
  • N°57 Competition and Innovation in 1950's Britain 
    Stephen Broadberry and Nick Crafts
  • N°56 From Economic Convergence to Convergence in Affluence? Income Growth, Household Expenditure and the Rise of Mass Consumption in Britain and West Germany, 1950-1974 
    Peter Kramper
  • N°55 Market Integration in the North and Baltic Seas, 1500-1800
    David Jacks
  • N°54 Development History 
    Nicholas F. R. Crafts