Prize-winning Student Working Papers

No. 19 "Not particularly successful"? A re-assessment of the Plan Badajoz's impact on local economic growth (1950-1980)
Constantin Arminjon

No. 18 Going Global: Travelling with the ‘Market for Pollution’ from Theory to International Level Policy
Madeleine Dibble

No. 17 How did Industrialisation Affect Subjective Well-being in England and Wales between 1861-1901?
Ervin Boyes

No. 16 Ethnic disparities in Intergenerational Occupational Mobility: the role of integration in the context of the late 20th Century United Kingdom
Minhaj Miah

No. 15 The Late-Nineteenth Century Private Lending Market of the Gold Coast Colony
George Gasztowtt

No. 14 Mortality Decline and Sanitation in 20th Century Bengal: A quantitative assessment of the impact of waterworks, drainage, and sewerage
Sulaiman Faruqi

No. 13 'Nothing ventured, nothing gained': Venture Capital's Impact on American Economic Growth and the Industry's Institutional Determinants, 1975-1995
Andrew McDonald

No. 12 To What Extent did Demand and Supply Side Factors Influence Corporate R&D Expenditure in the US Aerospace and Defence Industry in 1970-2000?
Jiani Zhang

No. 11 Debt and Independence: Information Asymmetries and Market Reaction In The Early 19th Century London Foreign Debt Market – The Case Of The Greek “Independence Loans” 
Eric Klopfer

No. 10 The Formation of a Nation's Leading Industry: An examination of the impacts of mercantile policy on Swedish iron exports during the 18th century
Lina Gabel

No. 9 Measuring Human Capital in the United States using Copyright Title Pages, 1790-1870
Tancredi Rapone

No. 8  Social Mobility in the Royal Navy during the Age of Sail: investigating intergenerational social mobility in the Royal Navy between 1650-1850
George Turner

No. 7 Merchants, Proto-Firms, and the German Industrialization: the commercial determinants of nineteenth century town growth
Gavin Greif

No. 6 When did Chile fall asleep? An assessment of national and regional income inequality in Chile, 1973-1990
William Banks

No. 5 'Hidden' British Protectionism: The Merchandise Marks Act 1887
Oliver Harvey

No. 4 Is the Business of Business Business Alone? The International Chamber of Commerce and the origins of Global Business Diplomacy, 1920-1931
Rewert Hoffer

No. 3 IMF Conditionality, Social Programmes, and the Impact to Women's Welfare: An empirical analysis of historical policy responses to financial crises in Latin America and their gendered effects
Alicja Krubnik

No. 2 Innovation Under Central Planning: patenting and productivity in the GDR
Titus Frieling

No. 1 Craft Guilds: rent seeking or guarding against the grabbing hand?
Craig Botham