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Graduate Economic History Seminars 2023-24

Time: Wednesdays 1-2pm

  • Weeks 1-5: PAR. LG.03
  • Weeks 6-7: KSW 1.01 

Spring Term 2024 

1 May

  • Ruoran Cheng (LSE)
  • Location Fundamental and Institutional Settings: Type of Routes and Location of Cities in Past Two Millenniums China

8 May

  • Sheila Pugh (LSE)
  • What worked? Water supply in mid-nineteenth century English towns

15 May

  • Daniel Lowery (Harvard)
  • Pre-Modern Succession and Modern Success: the Institutional Foundations of Stability and Development

22 May 

  • Eric Nicholas Robertson (UVA) 
  • Malthusian Population Theory and Famine Policy in British India

29 May

  • Kevin Liu (University of Hong Kong )
  • Merit-based Recruitment and Government Performance: Evidence from Random Assignment of Administrators 

5 June

  • Etienne Bacher (Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER)
  • Migrants' voices

12 June 

  • Matthew Purcell (LSE)
  • Disparity in the golden age of medicine: The Hill-Burton Act and fetal and infant health in the US South


Autumn Term 2023

4 October

  • Zane Jennings (LSE)
  • EIC bonds and the Company’s financial transition to a permanent stock, 1665-1675

11 October

  • Jens Boberg (University of Gothenburg)
  • The Politics of Growth Before GNP

18 October

  • Julius Koschnick (LSE)
  • Teacher-directed scientific change: The case of the English Scientific Revolution

25 October

  • Justin Schwartz (King’s College)
  • The freedom of the Common stock’: Ostrom, Diggers, and the Management of Common Pool Resources in the 17thCentury 

8 November

  • Charles Smith (LSE)
  • The Great Rotation: Safe Assets Gone Bad 

15 November

  • Yuchen Lin (University of Warwick)
  • Coeducation, Female Human Capital Accumulation, and the Evolution of Gender Norms 

22 November

  • Eoin Dignam (LSE)
  • The Demographic Transition and Adaptation to Climate Change in 19th Century France 

29 November

  • Lukas Diebold (University of Mannheim)
  • Golden Fetters or Credit Boom Gone Bust? A Reassessment of Capital Flows in the Interwar Period 

6 December

  • Aurelius Noble (LSE)
  • The Persistence of Aristocratic Wealth: Institutional Measures, Family Measures and Social Mobility, 1858-1907

Winter Term 2024

Winter Term 2024

17 January  

  •  Hillary Vipond (LSE)
  • Grandfathered Out: Technological Unemployment in Victorian Britain (Job Market Paper)

24 January

  • Ruoran Cheng (LSE)
  • Trade Potential and the Distribution of economic activities: From Neolithic Villages to the Unified Empire (7000BP - 2000BP)

31 January 

  • Ziming Zhu (LSE)
  • Grim Up North? Regional Variations in Intergenerational Mobility in England, 1881-1911.

07 February 

  • Mitchell William Harvey (Stanford)
  • Opportunists or Patriots? Financial Coalitions and the Ceding of Scottish Autonomy

14 February 

  • Víctor Pérez-Sánchez (LSE)
  • Follow Castile! Managing silver monetary policy in early-modern Europe

28 February 

  • Louis Henderson (Oxford)
  • Innocence and experience: early childhood education as an externality in late eighteenth-century London

06 March

  • Nick Fitzhenry (LSE)
  • Mortality in the Century of Apartheid, 1924-1958: Data Quality & Evidence from Large Cities

13 March 

  • Isabel Hincapie Correa (Berkeley)
  • Development Traps and Infrastructure Investment: Evidence from the Panama Canal

20 March

  • Nick Peyton (LSE)
  • The Dissolution of the Monasteries and the Pilgrimage of Grace

27 March

  • Yifan Zhang (Toulouse)
  • The Persistence of Son Preference: Cultural Transmission of Chinese Migrants in Taiwan