Lecturer at the podium

Asia Economic History Seminar 2020-21

Organiser: Safya Morshed (s.morshed@lse.ac.uk)

Michaelmas 2020 seminars will take place online. If you are not already on our circulation list you can sign up for a zoom link for any of the seminars here:

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Call for papers!

27 October

  • Natalia Matveeva, Soas
  • Between the real and the desired: The peculiarities of North Korean economic statistics in the 1950s-1960s  

24 November

  • Jin Ping Ma (Warwick University)
  • The China Association of the Federation of British Industries

8 December

  • Strategic raw material and China's struggle against Japan
  • Di Wu, Oxford

Lent Term

26 January 

  • Mohd Shazwan Mokhtar (National University of Malaysia )
  • Neo-mercantilism, Tropical Development and Imperial Preference in the Federated Malay States, 1926-1941

9 February

  • Bo Li (Tsinghua University)
  • Technology Transfer and Industrialization: Learning from the Sino-Soviet Alliance

9 March

  • Lei Lei (SOAS)
  • Commercial Warfare, Transformations and China’s Modern Enterprises in the Late 19th Century

30 March

  • Yuzuru Kumon (Institute for Advanced Study, Toulouse School of Economics)
  • The Labour Intensive Path: Wages, Incomes and the Work Year in Japan, 1610-1932

Summer Term 

11 May

  • Yasin Arslantas (Anadolu University)
  • Religious Conversion and Economic Incentives: Evidence from Ottoman Bosnia

1 June

  • Jordi Caum Julio (University of Barcelona)
  • The global economy and local institutions: inequality across India’s provinces, 1880-1910