Working Papers

How Well Do 'Facts' Travel?

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Nº 39 Facts and Building Artefacts:What Travels in Material Objects?
Simona Valeriani

Nº 38 Designed for Travel: Communicating Facts Through Images
Martina Merz


N°37      Acting with 'facts' in order to re-model vaccination policies: The case of MMR-vaccine in the UK 1988
Erika Mansnerus

N°36      Indexing Nature: Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) and His Fact-Gathering Strategies
Staffan Müller-Wille & Sara Scharf



N°35 Agri-Technologies and Travelling Facts: Case Study of Extension Education in Tamil Nadu, India
Peter Howlett & Aashish Velkar

N°34    'On a Mission' with Mutable Mobiles
Mary S. Morgan

N°33 Travelling With the GDP Through Early Development Economics' History
Daniel Speich

N°32 Dilemmas in the Constitution of and Exportation of Ethological Facts
Richard Burkhardt

N°31 'Voice' and the Facts and Observations of Experience
Mary S. Morgan

N°30 What Happens to Facts After Their Construction? Characteristics and Functional Roles of Facts in the Dissemination of Knowledge Across Modelling Communities
Erika Mansnerus (formerly Mattila)

N°29 Behind the Façade: Elias Holl and the Italian Influence on Building Techniques in Augsburg
Simona Valeriani

N°28 A Journey Through Times and Cultures? Ancient Greek Forms in American Nineteenth-Century Architecture: An Archaeological View

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Lambert Schneider

N°27 Regulating Data Travel in the Life Sciences: The Impact of Commodification
Sabina Leonelli

N°26 The Lives of 'Facts': Understanding Disease Transmission Through the Case of Haemophilus influenzae type b bacteria
Erika Mattila

N°25 Circulating Evidence Across Research Contexts: The Locality of Data and Claims in Model Organism Research
Sabina Leonelli

N°24 Travelling in the Social Science Community: Assessing the Impact of the Indian Green Revolution Across Disciplines
Peter Howlett

N°23 Escaping the Laboratory: The Rodent Experiment of John B Calhoun and Their Cultural Influence
Edmund Ramsden & Jon Adams



N°22  Apprenticeship and Training in Premodern England
Patrick Wallis

N°21 Carlyle and the French Enlightenment: Transitional Readings of Voltaire and Diderot
T. J. Hochstrasser

N°20 Contesting Democracy: Scientific Popularisation and Popular Choice
Jon Adams

N°19 When Rabbits Became Humans (and Humans, Rabbits): Stability, Order, and History in the Study of Populations
Paul Erickson and Gregg Mitman

N°18 Accurate Measurements and Design Standards: Consistency of Design and the Travel of 'Facts' Between Heterogeneous Groups
Aashish Velkar

N°17 Trading Facts: Arrow's Fundamental Paradox and the Emergence of Global News Networks, 1750-1900
Gerben Bakker

N°16 Battle in the Planning Office: Biased Experts Versus Normative Statisticians
Marcel Boumans



N°15 Rodney Hilton, Marxism, and the Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism
Stephan R. Epstein

N°14 The Roofs of Wren and Jones: A Seventeenth-Century Migration of Technical Knowledge from Italy to England
Simona Valeriani  (large file: 5740880 bytes)

N°13 Measuring Instruments in Economics and the Velocity of Money
Mary S. Morgan

N°12 Confronting the Stigma of Perfection: Genetic Demography, Diversity and the Quest for a Democratic Eugenics in the Post-war United States
Edmund Ramsden

N°11 Institutional Facts and Standardisation: The Case of Measurements in the London Coal Trade
Aashish Velkar

N°10 'A Thing Ridiculous'? Chemical Medicines and the Prolongation of Human Life in Seventeenth-Century England
David Boyd Haycock

N°9 Mapping Poverty in Agar Town: Economic Conditions Prior to the Development of St. Pancras Station in 1866
Steven P. Swensen  (large file: 4447343 bytes)

N°8 How The Mind Worked: Some Obstacles And Developments In The Popularisation of Psychology
Jon Adams

N°7 Wormy Logic: Model Organisms As Case-Based Reasoning
Rachel A. Ankeny


N°6  Market Disciplines in Victorian Britain
Paul Johnson

N°5  Interdisciplinarity "In The Making": Modelling Infectious Diseases
Erika Mattila

N°4 Moral Facts and Scientific Fiction: 19th Century Theological Reactions to Darwinism in Germany
Bernhard Kleeberg

N°3  Experimental Farming and Ricardo's Political Arithmetic of Distribution
Mary S. Morgan

N°2  A Dreadful Heritage: Interpreting Epidemic Disease at Eyam, 1666-2000
Patrick Wallis

N°1 Transferring Technical Knowledge and Innovating in Europe, c.1200-c.1800
Stephan R. Epstein