Recently published books by faculty include: 


India 1707

An Economic History of India, 1707-1857 
Tirthankar Roy,  Routledge, 2021

Available here.

Ec Hist of India

The Economic History of India, 1857-2010 

Tirthankar Roy, Oxford University Press, 2020

Available here.


The Economic History of Colonialism
Leigh Gardner and Tirthankar Roy, Bristol University Press, 2020

Available here.

Apprenticeship in Early Modern Europe_Cover (002)

Apprenticeship in Early Modern Europe
Maarten Prak and Patrick Wallis (eds.), Cambridge University Press, 2019

Available here.


poverty maps

Charles Booth’s London Poverty Maps
Mary Morgan and Iain Sinclair, Thames & Hudson, 2019

Available here.