Dr Simon Hinrichsen

Dr Simon Hinrichsen

Visiting Fellow

Department of Economic History

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Danish, English
Key Expertise
Sovereign debt/defaults, international/war finance/reparations

About me

Simon Hinrichsen's research focuses on sovereign debt, international finance, and open economy macroeconomics, with a particular focus on the political economy during and following wars.

Simon holds a BSc from Copenhagen Business School, and completed an MSc in Economic History and then his PhD at LSE. His dissertation focused on war reparations and sovereign debt, looking at two hundred years of war debts and default from the Napoleonic Wars to Iraq. He is also currently an External Associate Professor at University of Copenhagen.

You can read more about Simon's research on his website: Simon Hinrichsen website

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Sovereign debt; international finance; open economy macroeconomics; political economy during and following wars.