Mr Ziming Zhu

Mr Ziming Zhu

PhD Student

Department of Economic History

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Key Expertise
Occupational mobility in Victorian and Edwardian England

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Ziming’s research focuses on occupational mobility in Victorian and Edwardian England. His thesis will estimate intragenerational and intergenerational occupational mobility in England between 1851 and 1911 using linked census data.

His first paper looks at life-course (intragenerational) mobility of men born in England: how their careers change, how often do people experience upward and downward mobility, what occupations are most likely to be unstable?

His second paper delves into the issue of intergenerational mobility and shows that conventional estimates of mobility underestimate the true extent of father-son association in socioeconomic status (and thus overstate the degree of social mobility) due to measurement errors. His working paper can be found here: Like Father Like Son? Intergenerational immobility in England, 1851-1911

His third paper aims to explore intergenerational mobility in more details, by looking at how regional differences could influence the degree of social mobility.

Ziming completed his BSc in Economic History at LSE before obtaining an MPhil in Economic and Social History at the University of Cambridge.

Information about Ziming and his research can also be found on his personal website: Ziming Zhu Personal Website


Title of dissertation

  • Occupational Mobility in England, 1851-1911


  • ProfessorNeil Cummins and Professor Chris Minns

Expertise Details

Occupational mobility in Victorian and Edwardian England