Mr Tom Learmouth

Mr Tom Learmouth

PhD Student

Department of Economic History

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SAR 4.04
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English, Japanese
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Economic history of Japan, East Asia industrialisation, Industry History

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Tom’s PhD thesis seeks to improve understanding of the mechanisms behind Japanese industrialisation by focusing on the successful development of rubber manufacturing in twentieth century Japan. In particular, his research examines how knowledge and technology that came with British tyre-maker Dunlop’s establishment of a factory in Kobe in 1909 interacted with an indigenous development path connected to the city of Kurume’s textile industry to foster the emergence of internationally competitive Japanese rubber companies such as Bridgestone. 

Tom holds an MSc (Research) in Economic History from LSE, and a BA in History and Economics from the University of Manchester. Prior to starting his PhD, Tom was a Japanese government funded research student at the Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University before working for three years as a macroeconomist at Capital Economics covering Japan.

Tom is interested in the economic history of Japan from a global and comparative perspective, and in the mechanisms behind industrialisation, particularly across East Asia. 

Thesis title

How was Foreign Knowledge and Technology Indigenised in Japan’s Rubber Industry between 1909 and 1963?


Professor Janet Hunter,  Dr Gerben Bakker

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You can read Tom's CV here:  Tom Learmouth CV

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Japanese economic history; industry history; comparative economic history; East Asian industrialisation