Ms Sijie Hu

Ms Sijie Hu

PhD Student

Department of Economic History

English, Mandarin
Key Expertise
Chinese Economic History, Historical Demography, Social Mobility

About me

Sijie’s PhD thesis focuses on the fertility decisions of Chinese families. Her thesis exploits new genealogical data of Chinese lineages and investigates the fertility pattern, the socio-economic factors that affected historical fertility, and the survival of lineages from the fifteenth century to the twentieth century. She is supervised by Dr. Neil Cummins and Prof. Debin Ma.

Sijie holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Economics from the Renmin University of China, as well as a master’s degree in Economic History from the same institution.  

Her research interests lie in Chinese economic history, historical demography, economic growth and inequality over the long run. Her future research would explore topics including living conditions and demographic changes, social mobility, and human capital formation.

Thesis Title:

  • A New Examination of Fertility in China, 1400-1900


  • Dr Neil Cummins and Dr Debin Ma

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Expertise Details

Chinese Economic History; Historical Demography; Social Mobility