Mr Mario Cuenda Garcia

Mr Mario Cuenda Garcia

PhD student

Department of Economic History

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English, Spanish
Key Expertise
Taxation and Fiscal Capacity, Regional Inequalities, Spain

About me

Mario’s PhD thesis studies the fiscal capacity of early 20th century Spain from a regional perspective, focusing in particularon estimating the differences in taxation indicators across provinces and its effects on the provincial economies. He is interested in understanding the determinants of fiscal capacity, how it affects a country’s development path, and at how fiscal and taxation systems can lead to differences across regions from a same country. 

Mario holds an MSc in Economic History (Research) from LSE, and previously studied PPE at the University of Warwick.

Mario has been a class teacher for the undergraduate course EH225: Latin America and the International Economy and for the graduate course EH430: Monetary and Financial Economics. 

Dissertation Working Title

  •  Fiscal Capacity and Taxation Inequalities in Spain, 1901-1936.

Dissertation Supervisors

  • Professor Max-Stephan Schulze and Professor Joan R. Rosés

Courses taught in 2021-22

  • EH225: Latin America and the International Economy (2019-2022)
  • EH430: Monetary and Financial History (2021-2022)

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Spanish Economic History; Taxation and Fiscal Capacity; Regional Inequalities; Political Economy