Ms Juliana  Jaramillo

Ms Juliana Jaramillo

PhD Student

Department of Economic History

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English, Spanish
Key Expertise
Latin America, social mobility, demography, social change

About me

Juliana’s PhD thesis focuses on the study of unequal social change in Colombia, and in particular, it focuses on how social status has persisted through history for different social groups and how the rapid decline in fertility that happened in 1960 varies for different regions and groups of women in the country.

Juliana is an economist from the University of Antioquia in Colombia and holds an Msc in Economic in Economic History from the London School of Economics. She has been working for the research staff of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Colombia since 2013. During these years her research focused on impacts of railways and the industrialization process in Colombia in the first half of the twentieth century, the History of the Central Bank and the evolution of living standards

Juliana is interested in how social change takes place in a society and the fundamental relationship between demographic trends and economic behaviour. Additionally, Juliana has been a class teacher for the undergraduate course EH238: The Origins of growth.”

Research interests

  • Latin America, social mobility, demography, social change

Dissertation Working Title

  • Social change in Colombia: studying social mobility and the fertility decline

Dissertation Supervisors

  • Dr Neil Cummins and Dr Eric Schneider

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