Professor Colin Lewis

Professor Colin Lewis

Emeritus Professor of Latin American Economic History

Department of Economic History

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Economic History; Latin America

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Principal recent and on-going research interests include the political economy of development and state-formation, fiscal and monetary history, social policy and welfare, industrial growth and industrialisation, and Latin American business history - particularly the role of British investment and enterprises in the Argentine and Brazil. 

Recent projects

Development, Nationalism and Dependence: British Business in the Argentine since 1870 

A Historical Dictionary of Argentina

Select publications

Monographs and Edited Books

Crisis, tecnología y eficiencia. Los ferrocarriles de capital británico durante los años de transición. 1912-1933

“Britain, the Argentine and Railway Imperialism” Research paper, 2020

‘“Is Imperialism Good for Growth?”: informal empire and Latin America - re-considering old debates’ Research paper, 2020

"Economic History at the London School of Economics & Political Science: A View from the Periphery" Research paper, 2020

Historical Dictionary of Argentina (with C.A. Duggan), (Lanham, USA, 2019).

‘Post-colonial South America: nineteenth-century laissez faire governance’ in Pía Riggirozzi and Christopher Wylde (eds.) Handbook of South American Governance (London: Routledge, 2017) pp.27-44.

British Railways in Argentina, 1857-1914: a case study of foreign investment(London 2015).

Latin America, Economic Imperialism and the State: the political economy of the external connection since Independence (with C. Abel, eds.), (London 2015) 

Argentina: A Short History (London 2002).

Exclusion and Engagement: Social Policy in Latin America (with C. Abel, eds.), (London 2002).

Articles, chapters, and contributions

‘CEPAL and ISI: reconsidering the debates, policies and outcomes’ Revista de Estudios Sociales (Special Number, ‘Revisiting Latin American Industrialization in the 20th Century: between the State and the Market’) LXVIII (April-June, 2019) pp.8-26.

‘Economic History at the London School of Economics & Political Science’ in Robert A. Cord (ed.) The Palgrave Companion to LSE Economics (London: Palgrave/Macmillan, 2019) pp.35-78.

‘Post-colonial South America: nineteenth-century laissez faire governance’ in Pía Riggirozzi and Christopher Wylde (eds.) Handbook of South American Governance (London: Routledge, 2018) pp.27-44.

‘Empresas británicas en la Argentina, c.1840-2000: un análisis in Cámara de Comercio Argentino-Británica La influencia británica en el desarrollo de la Argentina (Buenos Aries: CABA/CCAB, 2014) pp.32-45.

‘“Colonial” industry and “modern” manufacturing: opportunities for labour-intensive growth in Latin America, c.1880-1940s’ in Gareth Austin and Kaoru Sugihara (eds.) Labour-intensive Industrialization in Global History (London: Routledge, 2013) pp. 231-62.

‘Prefácio’ in Maria Lúcia Lamounier Ferrovias e Mercado de trabalho no Brasil do século XIX (São Paulo: Ed. USP, 2012) pp.13-18.

‘Modernisation in Europe and Latin America’ in Ryszard Stemploski (ed.) Europe and Latin America: looking at each other?(Warsaw: Polish Institute of International Affairs, 2010)  pp.169-208. 

‘El intercambio comercial angloargentino, 1945-1965’ in David Rock (ed.) Argentina en el siglo veinte: economía y desarrollo politico desde la élite conservadora a Perón-Perón (Buenos Aires: Letra Gamma/Lenguaje Claro Ed., 2009) pp.143-67.

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Argentina; Brazil; British business and the Argentine; Latin America; Latin American industrial growth; economic policy; inter-war period;

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