Dr Tehreem Husain

Dr Tehreem Husain

ESRC Fellow

Department of Economic History

Key Expertise
Financial history of British India, railway financing1880-1913

About me

Tehreem Husain’s research focuses on railway financing during the first age of globalisation (1880-1913). Her doctoral thesis ‘Foreign Investment and Infrastructure Financing: Railways During the First Age of Globalisation’ takes an investor’s perspective to explore the drivers and patterns of investment flows in railway financing. It argues that financial capitalists (investors) formed perceptions of a country’s creditworthiness taking both sovereign and railway securities into account. She is also interested in financial history of British India, specifically the evolution of banking in India. 

Currently, Tehreem is the Power Fellow in Economic History in affiliation with the Institute of Historical Research and Visiting Fellow at the LSE Department of Economic History. During her fellowship she aims to explore the role of underwriters, particularly the House of Barings, in railway financing during 1880-1913. Prior to her EHS Power Fellowship, Tehreem undertook her PhD from the Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction, UCL.


Expertise Details

Financial history of British India; evolution of banking in India; railway financing during first age of globalisation