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PhD Job Market - First Placements

2023-24 placements

Mario Cuenda Garcia 200x200

Dr Mario Cuenda Garcia

Thesis Title:  Fiscal Capacity and Taxation Inequalities in Spain, 1901-1936.

Dissertation supervisors: Professor Max-Stephan Schulze and Professor Joan R. Rosés

Placement: Information to follow


2022-23 placements


Dr Andrea Ramazzotti

Dissertation supervisors: Dr Gerben Bakker and Dr Natacha Postel-Vinay

Thesis itle: Structural change in the Italian economy, 1950s-1990s

Placement: Research fellow at CSEF, Department of Economics and Statistics at the University of Naples Federico II.


Dr Juan Jose Rivas Moreno

Thesis title: 'How was the Manila Trade financed? An alternative institutional approach to Early Modern long-distance trade finance, 1668-1830'

Dissertation Supervisors: Dr Alejandra Irigoin and Professor Kent Deng

Placement: to follow


Juliana Jaramillo

Thesis title: Social change in Colombia: studying social mobility and the fertility decline

Supervisors: Dr Neil Cummins and Dr Eric Schneider

Placement: National Bank of Colombia

Photo of Safya Morshed

Safya Morshed

Thesis title: Evolution of Revolutions: State Capacity in Mughal India (1555-1707)

Supervisors: Professor Tirthankar Roy and Dr Jordan Claridge

Placement: LSE Fellow, Department of Economic History


Dr Nora Yitong (Nora) Qiu

Thesis Title: Power and Identity in the Qing Empire: A Study of the Political and Economic Life of the Elites through Confiscation Inventories 1700-1912 

Supervisor: Patrick Wallis

First Placement: Teaching Fellow, Oxford (from March 2023) 


Felix Schaff

Thesis Title: Exploring the Historical Causes of Inequality in Pre-Industrial Germany, c. 1300-1800

Supervisor: Oliver Volckart

Placement: Max Weber Fellow, EUI

2021-22 Placements


Oliver Bush

Thesis title: Were central bank policies responsible for economic and financial stability during the Golden Age? (provisional title)

Supervisor: Joan Roses

Placement: Senior Economist, Bank of England


Simon Hinrichson

Thesis Title: The Economic Consequences of Fiscal Transfers

Supervisor: Natacha Postel-Vinay

Placement: Portfolio Manager, Sampension 

2020-21 Placements


Simon Betteridge

Thesis Title: 'Market Integration and Market Structure in the East Asian Opium Trade, 1860-1909'

Supervisor: Debin Ma

First Placement: n/a


Chung Tang Cheng

Thesis Title: The Microeconometrics of Household Behaviour: Building the Foundations, 1920-1960 

Supervisor: Mary Morgan

First Placement: Department of Economics, National Taipei University

Photo of Deng Hanzhi, PhD student

Hanzhi Deng

Thesis Title:  History of Decentralization: Fiscal Transitions in Late Imperial China, 1850-1911

Supervisor: Kent Deng

First Placement: Post-doc, Deparatment of Political Science, Fudan University


Thea Don Siemion

Thesis Title: Money, Debt, and the Balance of Payments in Poland’s Great Depression

Supervisor: Albrecht Ritschl

First Placement: Lectureship, Caius College, Cambridge


Ziang Liu

Thesis Title: Quantification and Fiscal Governance in China, 1400-1800

Supervisor: Oliver Volckart

First Placement: ESRC Fellowship, Department of Accounting, LSE


Ivan Luzardo Lima

Thesis Title: British labour frictions during the interwar period

Supervisor: Chris Minns

First Placement: Post-doc, Pennsylvania


Alka Raman

Thesis Title: Learning from the Muse: Indian cotton textiles and British industrialisation

Supervisor: Tirthankar Roy

First Placement: Postan Postdoctoral Fellow/EHS/VAM 


Roger Vicquery

Thesis Title: Essays on Currency Unions and the International Monetary System

Supervisor: Joan Roses

First Placement: Research Economist, Bank of England

2019-20 Placements

Sijie Hu

Sijie Hu

Thesis title: Low Marital Fertility in Pre-industrial China (provisional title)

Supervisor: Neil Cummins

First Placement: Assistant Professor, Renmin University 

Enrique Jorge-Sotelo

Enrique Jorge Sotelo

Thesis Title: "Escaping" the Great Depresssion: monetary policy, financial crises and banking in Spain, 1921-1935

Supervisor: Alejandra Irigoin

First placement: Visiting Professor at the Department of Economic History and Institutions at Universitat de Barcelona


Maanik Nath

Thesis Title: Rural credit markets in South India 1930-1960 (provisional title)

Supervisor: Tirthankar Roy

First Placement: Teaching Fellow,  LSE

2018-19 Placements

Thilo Albers
Thesis Title: Was the world in the 1930 caught in a non-cooperative Nash-Equilibrium?
Supervisor: Albrecht Ritschl
First post: Post doc, Humboldt 

Mattia Bertazzini
Thesis title: 
Poets, sailors and farmers: the long-term impact of the Italian colonial agricultural activity in Libya and in the Horn of Africa (1920-2000)
Supervisor: Joan Roses
First Placement: Post Doctoral Prize Fellow, Nuffield College, Oxford

David Escamilla
Thesis Title: Essays on Initial Patterns of Mexican Mass Migration 
Supervisor: Eric Schneider
First post: Assistant Professor, St Andrews

Young-Ook Jang
Thesis Title: 
Migration of Ethnic Groups in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Space during the Transition Period
Chris Minns
First post:
PostdocStellenbosch University

Ousmene Mandeng
Thesis title: Central banking reform, regional diversity and monetary policy in nineteenth century Germany
Supervisor: Olivier Accominotti
Current Post: Senior Advisor and Lead of Economic and Financial Strategy with Accenture’s Blockchain and Multiparty Systems

2017-18 Placements

Yasin Arslantas
Thesis title: Confiscation by the Ruler: a study of Ottoman practice of Musadere, 1700s-1839
Supervisor: Tirthankar Roy
Current Post: Economics Department, Anadolu University, Turkey

Pinar Ceylan
Thesis Title: Essays on markets, prices and consumption in the Ottoman Empire, mid-17th to mid-19th centuries
Supervisor: Patrick Wallis
Current Post: Post-doc Research Fellow, Humboldt University, Berlin

Olga Christodoulaki
Thesis Title: The Origins of Central Banking in Greece
Supervisor: Max Schulze
Current Post: Visiting Fellow, Department of Economic History, LSE

Katja Fuder
Thesis Title: No Experiments: Federal privatisation politics in West Germany, 1949-1989
Supervisor: Albrecht Ritschl
Current Post: Scientific Associate, IFZ, Institute for Contemporary History, Berlin

James Harris
Thesis Title:
 A Comparative Study of Private Property Rights Institutions and their Effects on Shanghai;s Early Financial Markets.
Supervisor: Kent Deng
Current Post: not known

Frank Kennedy
Thesis Title:
 Institutional Effects: studies from the Sterling Area in the 1950s-60s
Supervisor: Joan Roses
Current Post: Research Affliate, QUB

Leonard Kukic
Thesis Title:
 Economic and Social Change in Yugoslavia, 1920-90
Supervisor: Max Schulze
Current Post: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Joseph Lane
Thesis Title:
 Networks, Innovation and Knowledge: The North Staffordshire Potteries, 1750-1851
Supervisor: Mary Morgan
Current Post: not known

Flora Macher
Thesis Title: The 1931 Financial Crisis in Austria and Hungary: A critical reassessment
Supervisor: Max Schulze
Current Post: Partner, Oriens

Andrea Papadia
Thesis Title: Government Actions under Constraints: the role of fiscal capacity in shaping fiscal policy and public goods provision. International evidence from the Great Depression and from 19th and early 20th century Brazil
Supervisor: Albrecht Ritschl
Current Post: Max Weber Post Doctoral Fellow, EUI

Rebecca Simson
Thesis Title: (Under) Privileged Bureaucracy? The changing fortunes of public servants in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, 1960-2010
Supervisor: Tirthankar Roy
Current Post: Not known

Brian Varian
Thesis Title: Interplay between American Tariffs and British Exports, 1870 to 1913
Supervisor: Chris Minns
Current Post: Lecturer in Economics, University of Swansea

Bernardo Wjuniski
Thesis Title: Multiple Exchange Rates and Industrialisation in Brazil, 1953-1961: Macroeconomic miracle or mirage?Supervisor: Alejandra Irigoin
Current Post: Economist/Strategist, Point Break Capital, Brazil

Franz Zobl
Thesis Title: Regional Economic Development under Trade Liberalisation, Technological Change and Market Integration. Evidence from 19th century France and Belgium
Supervisor: Joan Roses
Current Post: Not known

2016-17 Placements

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