PhDs in Historical Economic Demography at LSE

Students interested in PhD level study on topics related to historical economic demography can study this through two PhD-level programmes at LSE.


We recommend that students reach out to potential supervisors to gauge their interest before applying. You can find a list of potential supervisors and their research interests here


MPhil/PhD Economic History programme

  • This programme is hosted by the Department of Economic History. Full programme details are available here.
  • Although this is an economic history programme, a substantial minority of current and past PhD students are working/have worked on topics in historical economic demography.

 MPhil/PhD Demography (Social/Formal) programme

  • This programme is the general demography PhD at LSE hosted by the Department of Methodology. Full programme details are available here.
  • This programme includes demographers working on contemporary issues across the school as well as Neil Cummins and Eric Schneider, representing historical demography.

Students seeking funding for their PhD should be sure to apply by the funding deadlines listed on the programme websites. Studentships are highly competitive but are usually available to both UK and overseas students.

PhD students in historical economic demography are members of the LSE Historical Economic Demography Group and therefore benefit from the research activity organised by the group: for instance, workshops, reading groups and other events. You can find a list of current PhD students affiliated with the group here.

In addition, there are two weekly research seminars in the Economic History Department and regular research seminars hosted by Population at LSE, the network of demographers in the school, which provide a wider research network for students. The British Society for Populations Studies and the Population Investigation Committee are also hosted at LSE and hold events on campus.