Latest Research


The following are the most recent working papers produced by members of the group. Most come from the Economic History Department working paper series. 

  • No. 360 Wages and Labour Relations in the Middle Ages: It's not (all) about the money
    Jordan Claridge, Vincent Delabastita and Spike Gibbs
  • No. 358 The Determinants of Child Stunting and Shifts in the Growth Pattern of Children: A long-run, global review
    Eric Schneider
  • No. 353 Respectable Standards of Living: The alternative lens of maintenance costs, Britain 1270-1860
    Jane Humphries


  • No. 349 Like Father Like Son? Intergenerational Immobility in England, 1851-1911
    Ziming Zhu
  • No. 347 Explaining Gender Differences in Migrant Sorting: evidence from Canada-US migration
    David Escamilla-Guerrero, Miko Lepisto and Chris Minns
  • No. 342 The Irish in England
    Neil Cummins and Cormac Ó Gráda
  • No. 341 The Causal Effects of Education on age at Marriage and Marital Fertility
    Neil Cummins
  • No. 340 Did Smallpox Cause Stillbirths? Maternal Smallpox Infection, Vaccination and Stillbirths in Sweden, 1780-1839
    Eric B. Schneider, Sören Edvinsson and Kota Ogasawara 
  • No. 337 Assortative Mating and the Industrial Revolution: England, 1754-2021
    Gregory Clark and Neil Cummins