Cost of living in halls

Accommodation fees and other charges you need to pay when staying in halls

Download our price list and understand how rents are calculated. 

Rates start from £100 a week for a shared self-catered room, to up over £500 a week for a one bed flat close to campus.

Price list for 2017/18

Accommodation prices 2017/18

For a complete price list, download the Table of accommodation fees [PDF]

To compare halls and filter by price, visit: Search accommodation

Detailed fees schedules per hall and room type (LSE halls and Sidney Webb only) visit: How to pay your accommodation fees

For family accommodation prices, visit: Accommodation for families and couples 

How are room rates calculated?

The price you pay depends on:

  • whether or not food is included 
  • room size and layout compared with other rooms in the hall (sizes and layouts in purpose built halls are less varied, so prices are more similar, too)
  • room location within the building
  • available natural light
  • whether the bathroom is en suite or shared
  • how close the room is to shared facilities (such as bathrooms or kitchens)
  • bed size

How do I pay my accommodation fees?

How much deposit do I need to pay upfront?

For LSE halls and Sidney Webb House, the amount you need to pay upfront is:

  • single rooms £250
  • some couple or double rooms £500

When do I get my deposit back?

We'll credit your deposit towards the fees of your last term.

Deposits for other halls may be different. 

Additional charges

Electrical items testing (LSE Halls)
A £10 fee is charged so that we can test your personal electrical equipment. This service is compulsory. Tests are carried out in term one, but the charge will be added to your second terms' bill.

Common room charge
Most halls have a hall committee who look after the social life. To pay for activities or to buy and maintain games (pool tables, table football etc), they charge between £10 to £30 per term. Some halls charge no common room fee, see: Table of accommodation fees [PDF]

Getting financial support for accommodation

Accommodation bursary scheme
First year students can apply for a bursary to help cover accommodation costs. Visit: LSE accommodation bursary scheme

Other financial support
Information on other financial support is available from the Financial Support Office