Paying your accommodation fees

Payment methods and payment schedules for accommodation

This page lists the payment deadlines for your accommodation fees, explains how to pay depending on which hall you live in, and what to do if you have a problem with paying your fees. 

Payment schedules and methods depend on the hall that you're staying in.

Payment deadlines, fees schedules and payment methods to pay for your accommodation in halls

LSE halls and Sidney Webb House - Payment Deadlines

Payment deadlines

Your fees are due by the dates in the table. From late September, your invoice will be visible in the online payment portal. 

Please note that individual students are always held responsible for paying their accommodation fees, and we cannot invoice sponsors unless there is an agreed contract in place such as group bookings.

Log into online payment portal

1. Pay termly 

payment deadlines
Academic year 2024/25Fees due by
Autumn Term Friday 4 October 2024
Winter Term Friday 24 January 2025
Spring Term Sunday 4 May 2025
Summer vacation (50 week contracts
Saturday 16 June 2025
payment deadlines
Academic year 2023/24Fees due by
Autumn Term Friday 29 September 2023
Winter Term Friday 19 January 2024
Spring Term Sunday 28 April 2024
Summer vacation (50 week contracts
Friday 14 June 2024

2. Pay in instalments (in exceptional circumstances)

We do not offer monthly instalments except in exceptional cases of proven hardship. You need to request this from us and we can't guarantee that we will approve your request. If you want to pay in instalments because you receive monthly funding from a sponsor, you must include documentation from them to confirm this. To be considered for a payment plan, send your request with any documentation (such as your sponsor letter) to: residences.fees@lse.ac.uk

Payment methods

1. Online payment by card or wire transfer
You can pay by credit or debit card, or by bank wire transfer. We can't accept American Express. You will need to know how much you need to pay. If you are unsure of the amount, contact residences.fees@lse.ac.uk.  

  • To pay online, log into the online payment portal and select 'Advance payment'. 
  • Enter the amount you would like to pay. 
  • Select whether you want to pay by card (AmEx not accepted) or by wire transfer. If you select ‘Pay by wire', you will be redirected to Convera to receive a quote.  

2. Other payment methods

If you are unable to pay online, please contact residences.fees@lse.ac.uk, as we may be able to make alternative arrangements with you.

We are not able to accept cheque or cash payments.

For more information on how to make payment for your accommodation fees, please visit info.lse.ac.uk/payments.

LSE Halls and Sidney Webb House - Fee Schedules

Sanctuary Students - Lilian Knowles House 

Payment deadlines

Payments are made directly to Sanctuary Students and not to LSE.

Depending on your payment plan and contract, you will need to pay your accommodation in one or three instalments.

Payment dates are available at:

Payment methods

1. Recurring Card Payment (RCP)

To set up a RCP, log into the Sanctuary Students Online System 

2. International payments using Convera

Pay your rent in your local currency without worrying about exchange rates or bank charges. Exchange rates are competitive, and the service is free to use for international students. Your family or sponsors can also use it to make payments for you. To use this quick and easy service:

  • visit the Sanctuary Students Convera payment page
  • enter your student ID, contact details and the details of the person paying
  • enter the amount you would like to pay in GBP (£). You will now be supplied with a quote which tells you the amount the payment will cost in your local currency. The quote is guaranteed for 72 hours.
  • Contact your bank to transfer the funds in your local currency to Convera, using the details included in the quote. They will then forward the payment in GBP (£).

urbanest Westminster Bridge

Payment deadlines

Payments are made directly to urbanest and not to LSE. 

Depending on whether you've chosen to pay your accommodation in three or ten instalments, please use the urbanest resident portal for payments.

Payment methods

urbanest accepts payments made by credit/debit card or bank transfer. Cash is not accepted. There is no charge when paying with a UK debit card and a 1.5-2% charge (by your bank) is added to all other card payments. Additional fees on bank/wire transfers will depend on your bank so check with them beforehand.

University of London (UoL) halls

Payment schedule

Payments are made directly to the University of London and not to LSE. 

Depending on your contract and payment plan, you will need to pay in one, three or seven instalments. Payment dates are in the UoL payment guide [PDF]

Payment methods

1. Online
Pay your accommodation fees using the UoL epay online system

2. By phone or in person
You can use a Debit or Credit Card (UoL can't accept American Express). To pay, call or visit the Financial Services Property Office:

Financial Services Property Office
Telephone: 020 7862 5772
Office: 4th Floor, Student Central Building,
Malet Street, London

3. By cheque
You can pay by cheque in person at the Financial Services Property Office, 4th Floor, Student Central Building, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY

4. By bank Transfer
Use the bank details supplied at the bottom of your accommodation invoice. When making a transfer, you must reference the payment with your surname and accommodation ID (for example ICH Smith – 0012345). For bank details view the UoL payment guide [PDF]urbanest King's Cross and urbanest Westminster Bridge


Refunds, cancellations and what to do if there's a problem

Cancellations and refunds

Different refund and cancellation policies apply to different types of accommodation. 

What to do if you have a problem paying your fees

LSE Halls and Sidney Webb House

Contact us straight away if you are having difficulties paying your fees: residences.fees@lse.ac.uk. You may qualify to pay in monthly instalments instead of termly. 

Sanctuary Students - Lilian Knowles House

Don't ignore it. Talk to Sanctuary Students as soon as you know there is a problem. They will be able to advise you. In exceptional circumstances, they may permit a delay to your payment or allow you to make part-payment. They may offer your other support, like referring you to CiC for free debt advice. Submit your request to their team and they’ll let you know once the request is confirmed. Contact Sanctuary Students

urbanest Westminster Bridge

Get in touch with urbanest on support@urbanest.com or call direct on +44 (0)20 7042 7890.

University of London halls

Contact the University of London Financial Services Property Team directly on 020 7862 5772 or in person at the Financial Services Property Office. It's located next to the University of London Housing Services Office on the 4th Floor of the Student Central Building, London WC1E 7HY.
This is a service provided by the University of London, not by LSE. 


Please read the information under the "How much deposit do I need to pay upfront" on the Cost of living in halls page.