Remaining room vacancies and how to join the waiting list

Information and updates for students still looking for accommodation in halls

This page explains how to join the waiting list, what happens once you're on it, and how you can increase your chances of receiving an offer. It also lists the remaining available rooms.  

How to join the waiting list

The waiting list is by 'invite only'. We'll invite you to join if you are eligible and have made an application for accommodation but didn't get an offer from us or declined the offer.

Change your preferences to improve your chances
Change your preferences in hallpad to match them to the remaining rooms that we publish on this page. This - and keeping your preferences as flexible as possible - increases the chances that we can offer you accommodation.

What to do if we make you an offer
If we can make you an offer, you will receive an email offer with a deadline by which you must log in to your hallpad account and accept. At this point - in late summer - the deadline is normally between one and two days (it becomes shorter the closer we get to the start of the term). If you miss your deadline, your offer is withdrawn and you are invited to join the waiting list again.

This list is no longer updated for 2019/20

For available rooms during the academic year, see: Mid-year room vacancies

Room vacancies
Room type (available for) Hall Contract length Cost p/wk

Waiting list FAQ

Why have I been invited to the waiting list? 


  • you missed your deadline to apply
  • you declined your first accommodation offer
  • you're a graduate student and we were not able to offer you anything in your preferences
  • you're a current student who's applied for accommodation for next year, so you're least likely to be made an offer. See: Offer guarantee and accommodation policy

I've received an invitation to the waiting list. How do I join? 

Log into your hallpad account, following the waiting list link and add yourself. To be able to join, you must have either declined an offer, or received notification that we can't offer you a place through the general accommodation application process.

You can't join if

  • you've currently accepted an offer of accommodation from us
  • you hold another offer of accommodation (unless you decline that offer first)
  • you haven't yet applied for accommodation
  • you're a current resident in one of our halls

What happens once I'm on the waiting list?

We can't guarantee that you'll receive an offer once you join the waiting list, but we will try to find a space for you. You'll receive regular updates about available rooms and other relevant information by email. If we can offer you accommodation via the waiting list, we will notify you by email. 

When do we start to make offers to students on the waiting list?
We will start to make offers from 1 June 2019 onwards, where possible. For undergraduate halls we are not likely to be able to make offers before 16 August 2019 (one day after A level results day). That's because we are unlikely to have vacancies in undergraduate halls before that date. 

How do we decide who gets an offer first? 
We offer vacancies according to where they become available. For example we will offer a room in a graduate hall to any graduate students on the waiting list first. However, we will give priority to new students, and where possible, to new undergraduate students.

This means that we offer:

  • rooms in graduate halls or flats to new graduate students first

  • rooms in undergraduate halls to new undergraduate students first (but we are unlikely to have vacancies before 16 August 2019)

  • rooms in mixed halls to new undergraduate students first, unless they are in a graduate flat or a graduate floor

Can I increase my chances of getting an offer?

 Yes, you can:

  • Change your preferences in hallpad to match them to available rooms. We'll post available rooms on this page and we'll send you updates on available rooms via email. 
  • Be as flexible as possible. Chances are higher if you are willing to accept a room of any type in any hall.

Change your preferences in hallpad

Is there a waiting list during term-time?

No. But if you're a current student looking for accommodation, see our Mid-year vacancies