LSE Accommodation Bursary

Get funding for your accommodation in halls

To help support students financially, we've introduced an accommodation bursary scheme. This page explains what the LSE Accommodation Bursary is and how you can apply for it.

To encourage students from lower-income households to apply for accommodation, we've introduced an accommodation bursary.

Who can apply?

To be eligible for an accommodation bursary, you need:

  • to be a UK national

  • to be a new first year undergraduate in 2017/2018

  • be about to register on a full-time LSE course

  • to have a household income below £25,000 (as means tested by Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales, Student Finance Northern Ireland, or Student Awards Agency Scotland)

How much is the bursary?

The amount you'll get depends on the number of students who are eligible for the scheme. It will be confirmed in August, which is when we notify applicants whether their bursary application has been successful.

When is the bursary paid?

The accommodation bursary will be credited to your halls account in the final term. For payment deadlines, see: How to pay for your accommodation.

Which rooms/halls can the accommodation bursary be used for?

The bursary can be used for any room at:

  • Carr-Saunders Hall

  • Passfield Hall 

  • Rosebery Hall 

  • Bankside House 

How can I apply for an LSE Accommodation Bursary?

1. Apply for a maintenance loan from your relevant regional student finance agency:

Student Finance England
Student Finance Wales
Student Finance Northern Ireland
Student Awards Agency Scotland

Contact the relevant student finance agencies directly for information on their application deadlines.

For more information, see: Financial Support

When you submit your application to the above agency, there is no separate application for the LSE Accommodation Bursary. As long as you opt to be means tested for a maintenance loan, the LSE Financial Support Office will use the information provided via the Student Loan Company to allocate the LSE Accommodation Bursary also.

2. Submit an accommodation application for 2017/2018 via our hallpad online application system. Ensure that you answer “Yes” to the question ‘Have you applied or will you be applying for an LSE Accommodation Bursary for 2017/2018’

3. You will receive an accommodation offer within 28 days for a room type in one of the following halls: Carr-Saunders Hall, Passfield Hall, Rosebery Hall, or Bankside House.

4. Your Confirmation of Accommodation Document will be issued at the end of August following the publication of the A level results. This will confirm the final room rate to you.

What is the deadline?

We must receive your accommodation application by 30 May 2017.

On your application form, you must tell us if you have applied or if you intend to apply for the LSE Accommodation Bursary via your student finance agency. 

When will I know if I have been awarded the bursary?

If you're successful, we'll notify you at the end of August 2017.