Types of contracts, halls and rooms

Understand the different options you can choose

Do you want meals included in your rent? Is a private bathroom important to you? Do you want to stay over the holidays or move out? This page will help you understand the different options and help you tailor your accommodation to what works best for you.

Contract lengths and dates

Depending on your contract, your accommodation runs during term-time only, or also includes some of the vacations. Different contract lengths suit different preferences and budgets. Some halls offer more than one contract length option. 

31-week contracts

31 week contracts don't include accommodation during the Christmas, Easter or summer vacations. Great if you're planning to go home or travel during the vacations and don't want to pay for something you're not going to use. You'll need to be able to remove all your belongings from the room (normally by 10am on the move out day).

Halls with 31-week contracts
Carr-Saunders Hall, Passfield Hall and Rosebery Hall (Rosebery Wing only)

Contract dates (31-week)

Michaelmas Term
Move in on: Sunday 22 September 2019
Move out on: Saturday 14 December 2019 

Lent Term
Move in on: Sunday 12 January 2020
Move out on: Saturday 8 April 2020

Summer Term
Move in on: Sunday 3 May 2020
Move out on: Saturday 20 June 2020 

What if I do suddenly need accommodation over Christmas or Easter?
You may have the option to book additional accommodation during Christmas and Easter. For information, visit: Staying at your hall during Christmas and Easter 

38-week, 39-week and 40-week contracts

38-week, 39-week and 40-week contracts include the Christmas and Easter vacations but not the summer vacation. These contracts have slightly different start and end dates but are all a good option if you want to stay in London for the whole academic year. 

Halls with 38-week contracts
Connaught Hall and Nutford House

Contract dates (38-week)
Move in on: Sunday 15 September 2019
Move out on: Saturday 6 June 2020

Halls with 39-week contacts
Bankside House, Grosvenor House, High Holborn Residence, Northumberland House, Rosebery Hall and urbanest Westminster Bridge  

Contract dates (39-week)
Move in on: Sunday 22 September 2019
Move out on: Saturday 20 June 2020

Halls with 40-week contracts 
College Hall, International Hall, Lillian Penson Hall, Sidney Webb House and The Garden Halls

Contract dates (40-week)
Move in on: Sunday 15 September 2019
Move out on: Saturday 20 June 2020

50-week contracts

50-week contracts include the Christmas, Easter and summer vacations. They cover you for almost a whole year. A good option if you will be on a 12-month Masters' course or are planning to do an internship over the summer. 

Halls with 50-week contracts
Butler's Wharf Residence, Lilian Knowles House, The Garden Halls, Lillian Penson Hall, urbanest Westminster Bridge and urbanest King's Cross

Contract dates (50-week)
Move in on: Sunday 22 September 2019
Move out on: Saturday 5 September 2020

Halls run by LSE or other accommodation providers

LSE halls of residence (your contract is made with LSE)

Living in LSE halls means that you'll be together with LSE students only. Your contract is formed with LSE.

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University of London (UoL) Intercollegiate halls (your contract is made with UoL)

Intercollegiate Halls belong to the University of London (UoL). They offer accommodation to students from several London universities. Rooms are offered by lottery process.

Rules on paying fees, leaving rooms early, guests and so on may be different from LSE halls, see: University of London Accommodation.

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Sanctuary Students (your contract is made with Sanctuary Students)

Lilian Knowles House is managed by Sanctuary Students. It houses LSE students only. Rooms are offered on a first come, first served basis.

Rules on paying fees, leaving rooms early, and guests will be different from LSE halls, see: Lilian Knowles House [at Sanctuary Students].

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urbanest (your contract is made with urbanest)

  • urbanest King's Cross
  • urbanest Westminster Bridge

urbanest offer rooms to students of different universities, but they dedicate part of the building to LSE students. Rooms are offered on a first come, first served basis

Rules on paying fees, leaving rooms early, and guests will be different from LSE halls. Check at: urbanest FAQ 

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Room types

Single rooms

Single rooms come in different shapes and sizes. They all include a washbasin, but shower and WC are shared. Sometimes rooms are organised in flats, sometimes, rooms are arranged in a more dorm-style way, with a shared bathroom along the corridor.

Shared rooms

They're a great option if you're watching your budget or if you want to share with a friend. Only people of the same gender can share a room. If we offer you a place in a shared room, you will have the option in hallpad to name someone you want to share with. That person must also have an offer of a place in a shared room and list you as their preferred roommate. You can do this either at the time you accept the offer or afterwards, but only up until 26 August. To update the sharer field, log into your hallpad account

We can’t guarantee that you'll be in a room together, but we will try our best to make it happen. It is optional to list a room-mate and if you have not listed someone by the end of 26 August, we'll pair you up with somebody.

En suite rooms

En suite means that you'll have your own private bathroom connected to your room. These have a shower, wash basin and WC. Most halls have a mix of en suite rooms and rooms with shared bathrooms, but this list will help you get an overview: 

In some halls, all rooms are en suite: 
Grosvenor House
Lilian Knowles House
Northumberland House
Sidney Webb House

Some halls have no en suite rooms: 
Butler's Wharf Residence
Conway Hall
Nutford House

Some halls only have very few en suite rooms:
Carr-Saunders Hall
Connaught Hall
Passfield Hall 
Rosebery Hall


Studios have a private bathroom and a kitchenette.
Halls that have studios are:

Connaught Hall
Grosvenor House
International Hall
urbanest King's Cross
urbanest Westminster Bridge
Lilian Knowles House
Lillian Penson Hall

Townhouse rooms

Townhouse rooms are available in UoL The Garden Halls only and are single rooms with shared bathrooms and kitchen arranged 'townhouse-style'. Each townhouse contains between 14 and 18 bedrooms over four levels with each bathroom shared between a maximum of two rooms. There is an entire floor dedicated to the kitchen and communal dining space and an additional lounge on the first floor (except for Townhouses two and seven).

Bed sizes

Bed sizes vary between halls and sometimes between rooms in one hall. For bed and bedding sizes, view the Table of bed sizes in halls [PDF]


Hall layouts

Generally, there are two basic layouts:

  • 'dorm-style' corridor layout, with rooms arranged along a corridor, with a shared kitchen
  • flat-style layout with a smaller number of rooms grouped into flats with their own bathroom and kitchen

Catered and self-catered halls

Catered halls

Eating together in the dining room offers an extra chance to meet people and strengthens the community. At each mealtime, you can choose from a varied, healthy range of dishes, and there's always a vegetarian option. We can also offer Halal and Kosher meals but it may varies slightly between LSE and UoL halls, for more detailed information on special diets, visit:

You'll still be able to prepare small meals for yourself, and there are microwaves, kettles and toasters, as well as some cupboard and fridge space. However, the snack-point kitchens may only be open during the day, and facilities are more basic than in self-catered halls. For details of what's provided in the kitchens see What we provide in each hall [PDF]. 

Self-catered halls

Shared kitchens are the social hub of your flat or corridor. Self-catered halls don't have a dining room or canteen, so that's why the shared cooking facilities are more extensive than in catered halls.

Shared kitchens offer space to eat and socialise, so you can show off your cooking skills and enjoy meals together with your flatmates. For details of what's provided in the kitchens see What we provide in each hall [PDF]. 

Catered and self-catered halls
Catered hallsSelf-catered halls
Bankside House Butler's Wharf Residence
Carr-Saunders Hall Grosvenor House
College Hall  High Holborn Residence
Connaught Hall  Lilian Knowles House
International Hall  Northumberland House
Lillian Penson Hall  Sidney Webb House
Nutford House  The Garden Halls  
(catered and self-catered contracts)
Passfield Hall urbanest King's Cross
Rosebery Hall urbanest Westminster Bridge
The Garden Halls 
(catered and self-catered contracts)

Graduate, undergraduate and mixed halls


Types of halls
Undergraduate only hallsGraduate only hallsMixed halls
Bankside House* Butler's Wharf Residence College Hall
Carr-Saunders Hall Grosvenor House Connaught Hall
Passfield Hall Lilian Knowles House International Hall
Rosebery Hall* High Holborn Residence* Lillian Penson Hall
  Sidney Webb House* Nutford House
    Northumberland House
    The Garden Halls
    urbanest King's Cross
    urbanest Westminster Bridge
* If we still have availability in late summer, we may offer a limited number of spaces to graduate/undergraduate students.