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Ben Ferguson (2008–2009)

29 September 2009|

After completing my MSc in Philosophy of the Social Sciences, I worked for one year at an educational publishing company before returning to the LSE to pursue a PhD in Philosophy. The work I did during the MSc helped me to isolate the general structure of arguments and improved my attention to detail-both of which were useful […]

Paul Robinson (2007–2008)

29 September 2008|

I was attracted to the LSE program by the large range of subjects covered, and I wasn’t disappointed, having benefitted from intercollegiate teaching at KCL. Both lectures and seminars are given by experts in the field, and class sizes are generally small, allowing personal interaction. I also profited from attending events organised through LSE’s Centre for Philosophy […]

Matthew Mahoney (2007–2008)

29 September 2008|

Matt currently serves as a Senior Advisor in the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade for a program that provides funding to cities and industries facing economic challenges. For two years prior, he worked in the private sector for a consulting firm, Nordicity Group, that specializes in policy, strategy and economic analysis in the cultural and […]

Alkistis Elliott-Graves (2007–2008)

29 September 2008|

The Philosophy of the Social Sciences MSc programme at the LSE was a great opportunity for me. I learned more in one year than in all of my previous years of school and university put together. The faculty are all experts in their fields and the lectures and seminars are very well structured. In addition, I received […]

David Sneyd (2006–2007)

29 September 2007|

David Sneyd has accepted a job working for the Pensions Investment Research Consultancy, which lobbies for proper corporate governance in companies as well as organising shareholder activism. He received the job mainly due to his MSc dissertation which was on shareholder activism and which acted as quite a nice segue into the sector. 

John MacIntosh (2006–2007)

29 September 2007|

I have joined Seachange Capital as a partner. Seachange is a New York based non-profit firm that aims to help outstanding non-profits, beginning in youth education and youth development, raise capital to support their growth, through donations from wealthy individuals, foundations, and other organizations. (see I am very excited about the opportunity to work in the […]

Yi Hu (2006–2007)

29 September 2007|

I am currently working in equity research of HSBC CIBM (Corporate, Investment Banking and Markets). This is a global rotational program, so I have the opportunity to rotate in London, Hong Kong or New York. I think that the PPP program has significantly improved my analytical and critical thinking skills, which are essential to equity research. Meanwhile, […]

Murray Gregorson (2006–2007)

29 September 2007|

Murray Gregorson has accepted a job as a corporate strategy consultant at a boutique consultancy called Kaiser Associates. This is an American firm with a London office. He writes: ‘My LSE degree helped immensely in getting me the first interview, and my philosophical training helped me get through the interview process: they look for analytical ability, critical […]

Sze Ling Cheng (2006–2007)

29 September 2007|

Sze Ling Cheng is working as a teaching assistant in the Department of Government at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She will lead the tutorial classes for Fundamentals of Politics and Political Philosophy.

Jonathan Birdwell (2006–2007)

29 September 2007|

I have been working as a Researcher at the London-based think tank DEMOS for approximately two years now. I work on a variety of topics, including social housing, local government and drugs policy, but I mainly focus on extremism and counter terrorism. The Philosophy and Public Policy course, with its great breadth of topics, provided the perfect […]