I am currently doing a MPhil in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge, with the intention of staying on for the PhD. In 2007, after finishing my BA in Philosophy at the University of Bielefeld (Germany) I decided to continue my studies with a masters. Since I am strongly interested in issues of the philosophy of the social sciences, rational choice theory and public, the MSc Philosophy of the Social Sciences at the LSE was a natural choice for me.

I can strongly recommend the programme: With its highly flexible syllabus it allowed me to cover my interests with the courses “Philosophy of the Social Sciences”, “Philosophy of Economics” and “Philosophy, Morality and Politics”, while it would also have allowed to take a stronger focus on either the philosophy of (social) science or the philosophy of public policy direction. With the dissertation it provides a good opportunity for intensive independent research on one topic one is strongly interested in.

Overall, my year at the LSE was a great experience. I have learned much about the areas I am interested in and was capable to develop my analytical skills to a level required for the independent research I am now undertaking at Cambridge. I have also found everyone in the department extremely friendly, helpful and supportive, not only during the MSc, but also afterwards. Furthermore there was a lot of intellectual and personal exchange between the students of the different MScs in philosophy at the LSE and I have won good friends from all programmes.