Matt currently serves as a Senior Advisor in the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade for a program that provides funding to cities and industries facing economic challenges. For two years prior, he worked in the private sector for a consulting firm, Nordicity Group, that specializes in policy, strategy and economic analysis in the cultural and communication industries. On the political side, he managed a campaign in the 2008 Canadian Federal Election.

He writes, “The MSc Philosophy and Public Policy is an ideal program because it applies philosophical concepts to practical policy issues. So I learned how to engage with policy issues such as human rights, multiculturalism and economic development by applying a range of philosophical concepts espoused by Aristotle, Locke, Kant, Mill to the more contemporary Rawls, Nozick, Kymlicka and Sen. These lessons yielded a unique interdisciplinary approach that has strengthened my analytical skills when tackling public policy issues from a public, private, and political perspective.”