The LSE Health Working Paper Series in Health Policy and Economics

The Working Paper Series enables staff and student researchers based at or affiliated with LSE Health to make recent work and work in progress available to a wider audience.
It reflects the range and diversity of theoretical and empirical work relating to health policy and economics carried out at LSE Health.

Working Papers 1 - 10

Inequality in health care use among older people in the United Kingdom: an analysis of panel data by Sara Allin, Cristina Masseria and Elias Mossialos.        

A conceptual framework for community-based health insurance in low-income countries: social capital and economic development by Philipa Mladovsky and Elias Mossialos.            

Equity in the use of health services in Canada and its provinces by Sara Allin.           

Regulating private health insurance in the European Union: the implications of single market legislation and competition policy
by Sarah Thomson and Elias Mossialos.            

Inferring the Value of Medical Research to the UK
by Alistair McGuire and Maria Raikou.            

Medicines parallel trade in the European Union: a gravity specification by Joan Costa-Font and Panos Kanavos            

Gains in QALYs vs DALYs averted: the troubling implications of using residual life expectancy by Mara Airoldi           

Exploring the Pathways of Inequality in Health, Access and Financing in Decentralised Spain by Joan Costa-Fonta and Joan Gilb            

Conflict in the Doctor-Patient relation and Non-Adherence: A game theory approach
by Charitini Stavropoulou and Dionysius Glycopantis           

Working Papers 11 - 20

Reflections on the Development of Health Inequalities Policy in the United Kingdom
by Adam Oliver            

Decomposing cross-country differences in levels of obesity and overweight: does the social environment matter
? by Joan Costa-Font, Daniele Fabbri and Joan Gil            

Parametric estimation of medical care costs under conditions of censoring by Maria Raikou and Alistair McGuire            

An explorative study of "preferred" health care decision rules by Adam Oliver            

Body Image, Peer Effects and Food Disorders: Evidence from a Sample of European Women by Joan Costa-Font and Mireia Jofre-Bonet            

Does Hospital Competition Save Lives? Evidence From The Recent English NHS Choice Reforms by Zack Cooper, Stephen Gibbons, Simon Jones and Alistair McGuire            

Technology diffusion and health care productivity: angioplasty in the UK by Alistair McGuire, Maria Raikou, Frank Windmeijer and Victoria Serra-Sastre            

Medicine prices, availability and affordability in Southern Brazil: a study of public and private facilities by Andréa Dâmaso Bertoldi, Ana Paula Helfer, Aline L Camargo, Noêmia UL Tavares, Panos Kanavos            

Do International Launch Strategies of Pharmaceutical Corporations Respond to Changes in the Regulatory Environment by Nebibe Varol, Joan Costa-Font and Alistair McGuire            

Persistence despite Action? Measuring the Patterns of Health Inequality in England (1997-2007) by Joan Costa-Font, Cristina Hernádez-Quevedo and Alistair McGuire

Working Papers 21 - 30

Using a latent variable approach to measure the quality of English NHS hospitals by Irene Papanicolas and Alistair McGuire            

Using a Vector Autoregression Framework to measure the quality of English NHS hospitals by Irene Papanicolas and Alistair McGuire            

Demand and Pricing of Preventative Health Care by Sotiris Vandoros and Katherine Grace Carman            

Pathways towards chronic-care focused healthcare systems: evidence from Spain
by Manuel García-Goñi, Cristina Hernández-Quevedo, Roberto Nuño-Solinís, Francesco Paolucci            

Publication Selection in Health Policy Research: the Winner's Curse Hypothesis by Joan Costa-Font, Alistair McGuire and Tom Stanley            

Are Health Care 'Choice - and - Competition' Reforms really Efficiency Driven? by Joan Costa-Font and Valentina Zigante            

Does culture matter at all in explaining why people still use traditional medicines? by Azusa Sato and Joan Costa-i-Font            

The hedonic placebo effect of traditional medicines by Azusa Sato and Joan Costa-i-Font            

Do Income Gradients in Unhealthy Behaviours Explain Patterns of Health Inequalities? by Joan Costa-i-Font, Cristina Hernández-Quevedo and Dolores Jiménez-Rubio            

Intergenerational and Socioeconomic Gradients of Child Obesity by Joan Costa-Font and Joan Gil 

Working Papers 31 - 40

Globesity: Is Globalization a Pathway to Obesity? by Joan Costa-Font, Núria Mas and Patricia Navarro            

Inequalities in Self-Reported Health: A Meta-Regression Analysis by Joan Costa-Font and Cristina Hernández-Quevedo             

Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis for Value Based Assessment of New Medical Technologies: A Conceptual Framework by Panos Kanavos and Aris Angelis            

Using MCDA to assess value of new medical technologies by Aris Angelis and Panos Kanavos             

Analysis of prices paid by low-income countries - how price sensitive is government demand for medicines? by Divya Srivastava and Alistair McGuire            

Policy Dilemmas in Financing Long-term Care in Europe by Joan Costa-Font, Christophe Courbage and Peter Zweifel            

Long Term Care Coverage in Europe: A Case for 'Implicit Insurance Partnerships' by Joan Costa-Font and Valentina Zigante            

Assessing Long-Term Care Partnerships: An Old Concept to Redefine? by Savannah Bergquist, Joan Costa-Font and Katherine Swartz            

Treating epilepsy during pregnancy: a systematic literature review of the impact of drug treatment on mother and foetus by Federico Grimaccia and Panos Kanavos            

Treating rheumatoid arthritis during pregnancy: A systematic literature review of the impact of drug treatment on mother and foetus by Victoria Tzouma, Mari Grepstad and Panos Kanaovs

Working Papers 41 - 46

Treating schizophrenia during pregnancy: A systematic literature review on the impact of drug treatment on mother and foetus by Mari Grepstad, Victoria Tzouma, Federico Grimaccia and Panos Kanaovs            

An analysis of HTA decisions for orphan drugs in Canada and Australia
by Caroline Solon and Panos Kanavos            

Health Technology Assessment of Cancer Drugs in France and Germany - Commonalities and Differences in the Value Assessment of Medical Technologies by Anna Szerb and Panos Kanavos            

Comparisons of Health Technology Assessment Appraisal Outcomes and Methodologies in Oncology Indications across Four Countries by Nick Petersdorf and Panos Kanavos            

A Comparative Analysis of the Regulatory Requirements of Orphan Medicinal Products in the United States and European Union by Emilie Taymor and Panos Kanavos            

The Blow of Domestic Violence on Children's Health Outcomes by Mireia Jofre-Bonet, Melcior Rossello-Roig and Victoria Serra-Sastre


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