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A quarterly publication that provides a forum for researchers, policy-makers and experts to express their views on health policy issues and contribute to a constructive debate on health policy in Europe.

The aim of Eurohealth is to bridge the gap between the scientific community and the policy-making community... an opportunity for the publication of evidence-based articles, debates, and discussions on contemporary health system and health policy issues.

Editorial Team    

Sherry Merkur, Editor   
David McDaid, Editor
Gemma Williams, Editor
Willy Palm, Editorial Advisor               
Elias Mossialos, Founding Editor            


The aim of Eurohealth  is to bridge the gap between the scientific community and the policy-making community. It provides an opportunity for the publication of evidence-based articles, debates, and discussions on contemporary health system and health policy issues.            

Regular features            

Each issue of Eurohealth includes the following sections:

  • Eurohealth Observer  – reporting on widely applicable international and European health policy areas with a particular topic focus for each issue
  • Eurohealth International – contains articles on topics with relevance to countries beyond Europe’s borders
  • Eurohealth Systems and Policies - analysis of the latest reforms or topical issues on the country level from experts working in the field
  • Eurohealth Monitor – draws attention to new publications and news     

Backed by experts throughout Europe            

The Editorial Team is based at LSE Health, and works with an Editorial Board. Eurohealth is also supported by an international Advisory Board, which is comprised of a distinguished list of academics and policy-makers from leading health policy research centres, national Ministries of Health and international organisations, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Parliament.

Eurohealth also draws upon the expertise of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, which brings together eminent academics and research centres from across Europe.            

Current issue            

The latest issue of Eurohealth is now available to download:

Volume 25 number 4


Special Gastein Eurohealth issue: A healthy dose of disruption? 

This special Autumn issue of Eurohealth, published by the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, covers some of the main issues and themes that will be discussed at the 2019 European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) on ‘A healthy dose of disruption? Transformative change for health and societal well-being’. EHFG is one of the leading health policy conferences in Europe bringing together a mix of public policymakers, civil society, researchers and private sector representatives.

Guest editorial; Changing the DNA of Health Care in the Age of Artificial Intelligence; Disrupting innovation - Are we ready for AI? Why innovation in tech needs to be matched by investment in people, Health innovation: from organisation disruption to outcomes value; Systems for change - Steer don’t row?, Facts. Figures! Fiction?; Future formulas – The economy of wellbeing, Transforming financial markets for the good of all, You(th) Matters – Co-creating policies to tackle obesity; Transforming societies - Empowering communities to reduce health inequalities in Europe, The global climate crisis: a public health emergency, New evidence on financial protection in Europe; Eurohealth Monitoring - European Union health policy: The gate with no fence, Interview with the European Commissioner for Health.


Back issues of Eurohealth (Volumes 5 - 25) can be found in our archive           


Volume 25

Volume 25

Volume 21-24

Volume 24

  • Community health services
    Volume 24 Number 4
  • Health and sustainable development: Bold political choices for Agenda 2030                                                                                                   Volume 24 Number 3
  • Observatory 20th Anniversary Special Issue                                           Volume 24 Number 2
  • Leapfrogging health systems responses to noncommunicable diseases
    Volume 24 Number 1

Volume 23

Volume 22            

  • Special Gastein Issue on Demographics and Diversity in Europe
    Volume 22 Number 3              

  • Special issue on priorities for health systems strengthening in the WHO European Region
    Volume 22 Number 2              

  • The changing role of nursing
    Volume 22 Number 1              

Volume 21            

  • Providing emergency medical care
    Volume 21 Number 4              

  • Securing health in Europe: balancing priorities, sharing responsibilities
    Volume 21 Number 3              

  • Health system developments in former Soviet countries
    Volume 21 Number 2              

  • Reducing inequalities in health and health care
    Volume 21 Number 1

Volume 17 - 20

Volume 20            

Volume 19            

Volume 18            

Volume 17            

Volume 13 - 16

Volume 16            

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Volume 13 

Volume 9 - 12

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