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How can the private sector help reform global governance?
29 January 2018

The Latin America and Caribbean Centre, the Institute of Global Affairs and the Embassy of the Argentine Republic to the UK are delighted to co-host Dr Funes de Rioja for a public lecture at the LSE.

Dr Funes de Rioja, B20 Chair under G20 Presidency of Argentina, will discuss how the private sector and the B20 process can help reform the international financial system and Argentina’s G20 priorities.

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Citizenship without walls in contemporary Mexico
13 February 2018

With cries of ‘Build the Wall’ the sound track to the 2016 US presidential election and immigration policy likely to be a key theme for the 2018 Mexican elections, what does it mean to be a citizen in contemporary Mexico? The Latin America and Caribbean Centre is delighted to host Prof Agustín Escobar Latapí, Prof Mercedes González de la Rocha and Prof Matthew Gutmann for a panel discussion to reflect on diverse aspects of citizenship within the space constituted by Mexico and across its border with the US.

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Bridging the South: a Common Agenda
Date to be confirmed

The Latin America and Caribbean Centre and the LSE Global South Unit are delighted to be hosting H.E. Carlos Sersarle di Cerisano, Ambassador of Argentina to the United Kingdom, for a public lecture on the commonalities, shared interests and opportunities for cooperation in the Global South.

Past events - 2018



Visualising Resource Extraction in Colombia
11 January 2018, Seligman Library, Old Building, 6th Floor

Join us for the screening of two films relating on resource extraction in Colombia, followed by a question and answer session with their directors and a panel discussion on the aesthetics and politics of representing resource extraction.


Events 2017


Buenos Aires as a Global City
6 November 2017, Room 4, Floor 9, Tower Two

The Latin America and Caribbean Centre and the LSE Global South Unit are delighted to be hosting Mr Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Mayor of Buenos Aires for a public lecture on the city’s urban environment and global vision, given that In the following months, Buenos Aires will be hosting four major global events, namely the ILO Global Conference, the WTO Ministerial Conference, the 2018 Youth Olympics and the G20. 

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Skills for Development in a Changing World
4 October 2017

The Latin America and Caribbean Centre and the Inter-America Development Bank are jointly hosting the ‘Skills for Development in a Changing World’ conference on October 4th, 2017 at The Law Society in London. The conference will address the defining issue of the age, the relationship between the acquisition of skills that are suitable for the rapidly changing conditions of contemporary labour markets, technological transitions and innovation frontiers. 

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Reform to Recovery: Where Next for the Brazilian Economy?
25 September 2017

The LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre (LACC) is pleased to welcome the Brazilian Minister of Finance, Mr Henrique Meirelles. Mr Meirelles will present a talk on recent reforms and future challenges of the Brazilian economy. 

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Colombia Inside Out 2017 Conference
13 June 2017, LSE

Colombia Insideout Conference 2017 Colombia Insideout Conference 2017

The Latin America and Caribbean Centre and LSE Enterprise, supported by The Colombian Securities Exchange will co-host the ''Colombia Insideout conference'' on June 13th to meet Colombia ́s decision-makers, business leaders and senior government officials at the LSE. The conference, with the participation of the Colombian Minister of Finance, Mauricio Cardenas, Governor of the Central Bank, Juan Jose Echavarria, UK ministers and LSE academics, will discuss new developments in investment, trade and regulation in Colombia and the potential role of UK companies.


LSE-Stanford Conference on Long Range Development in Latin America
11-12 May 2017, Stanford University

The Latin America and Caribbean Centre (LACC), with the support of the LSE Annual Fund, and led by Jean-Paul Faguet and Alberto Diaz-Cayeros will co-sponsor the first LSE-Stanford conference on Long Range Development at Stanford University in May 2017. The multi-disciplinary conference will probe into the institutional, political, and economic drivers of long-run development in Latin America and beyond. this conference will mark the start of a series of conferences, including the 2018 conference at the LSE and the 2019 conference at Universidad de los Andes in Bogota.

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Pathways to Peace in Colombia
4 May 2017

The Latin America and Caribbean Centre and LSE Ideas are joinlty hosted Joshua Mitrotti, Director of Colombia Agency for Reintegration. Mr Mittrotti presented a talk about the challenges and achievements of a ground-breaking approach to absorb thousands of former paramilitaries and guerrilla fighters into productive employment as part of the country’s post-conflict transition.

The event was chaired by Dr  Mary Martin,  Senior Research Fellow in LSE IDEAS (United Nations at LSE) and the LSE Department of International Relations.



Reforming the Mexican oil sector
23 March 2017, LSE
Guest Speaker: Mr Juan Pablo Newman Aguilar, CFO of PEMEX

Mr Newman presented a talk on the reform of the Mexican oil sector, followed by a Q&A. 

Mr Newman has been Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) since January 2016. Previously, Mr Newman served as CFO at Nacional Financier, and as Deputy Director of Risk Management of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit in Mexico. Mr Newman is an LSE alumnus, and holds a bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics and a master's in Operational Research. 


From Fear to Hope: a new Colombia in the making
16 March 2017
Guest speaker: Dr Sergio Fajardo

The Latin America and Caribbean Centre and the LSE SU Colombia Society jointly hosted a public lecture with Sergio Fajardo, former mayor of Medellin, Colombia. Dr Fajardo presented a talk on his experience transforming Medellin and Antioquia, two of the most violent regions of the world, into international referents of social innovation. The lecture was followed by an informal discussion with Dr Fajardo in Spanish.

Before going into politics, Dr Fajardo was an academic. He holds a PhD in Mathematics from University of Wisconsin-Madison as well as a BSc from Universidad de los Andes. 

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LSE Mexican Week 2017

6-8 March 2017, LSE

The LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre, the LSE Department of Government and the LSE SU Mexican Society, with the support of the Mexican Embassy in the UK, jointly hosted the 17th LSE-Mexican Week. The event was a three-day series of conferences and roundtables whose theme this year - The challenges of Entangled Inequalities - was chosen by the Mexican students at LSE. The 17th Mexican Week followed the efforts and success of previous conferences. Overall its objective is to provide a venue for the discussion of the challenges faced by Mexico in a global context and to engage our students in an exchange of ideas with our guest lecturers. Over the past sixteen years, the Mexican Week has brought together senior practitioners, policy makers, governors, ministers and other officials and academics interested in Mexican and Latin American issues.

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''Unhappy Anniversary (?): 25 years after El Salvador's Peace Accords''
9 February 2017

On January 26, 1992 El Salvador's government signed a peace accord with the country's querrillas to end the 12-year conflict that caused the death of 75,000 people. The agreement, which included a general amnesty and a commission to investigate the atrocities committed, then became a model for similar conflicts in the region. 

To comemorate the 25th anniversary of the accord, the LSE Su Latin American Society hosted a public lecture about the agreement, its problems and limitations, the implications of the declaration of unconstitutionality of the amnesty, and the current situation of the country. 


Seminar: Kirsten Sehnbruch presents 'Informal Institutions and Multi-level Politics: Understanding Institutional Change in Chile'
9 February 2017

Kirsten Sehnbruch is the Director of the Public Policy Institute at the Universidad Diego Portales in Chile, and am Associate Researcher and founding board member of the Centre for Social Conflict and Cohesion (also in Chile) with responsibility for the Centre's interntional relations. She is also visiting Senio Fellow at the Department of International Development at the London School of Economics, and an Affiliated Lecturer at the Centre for Latin American Studies at Cambridge University. 


'Has Argentina left populism behind? Apositive view'
18 January 2017
Guest speaker: Jaime Campos, President of the AEA

Jaime Campos presented a lecture on populism in Argentine politics, followed by a Q&A.

 Jaime Campos is the President of Argentine Business Association (AEA), an organization that represents the diverse views of the business community in Argentina. Jaime is responsible for the coordination of a range of specialized and expert activities specific to business. Previously, Jaime was the Executive Director of the Argentine Investment Foundation, an institution aimed at the promotion of productive investments in Argentina. He holds a bachelor's degree in Sociology from the Argentine Catholic University (UCA) and a master's in Economic Development from Yale University, USA, and he worked as a Professor of Argentine Economy at UCA.

Events 2016


Reception with LSE Colombian Alumni Association and launch of the Observatory on the Colombia Peace Process
15 December 2017

The Latin America and Caribbean Centre (LACC) hosted a reception for the LSE Colombia Alumni Association in Bogota, Colombia, at the Residence of the British Embassy. The reception followed the launch of the LSE-Universidad de los Andes Observatory on the Colombian Peace Process. 

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Workshop: 'Work, Poverty, and Vulnerability in Mexico from the ''lost decade'' of the 1980s to the present'
10 November 2016

A masterclass in Spanish with Mercedes Gonzalez de la Rocha, CIESAS Occidente, Guadalajara for LSE Staff and students.

Moderator: Sylvia Chant, LSE Department of Geography and Environment


'The Legacy of Peace'
2 November 2017
Guest speaker: President Juan Manuel Santos

The Latin America and Caribbean Centre (LACC) and LSE Ideas welcomed President of Colombia, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and LSE alum, Juan Manuel Santos to LSE. President Santos presented a talk entitled 'The Legacy of Peace'. The event took palce as part of his state visit to the U.K., the first ever by a Colombian President. 

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