Capitolio, Havana, Cuba


Ongoing research projects


The Observatory on the Colombian Peace Process

Investigating the peace agenda and exploring avenues for knowledge exchange with Colombian academics and non-academic partners.


Co-constructing Security Provision in Mexico: A Methodology and Action Plan from Communities to the State

Building local human security agendas to diagnose the multiple challenges faced by urban communities and developing new approaches that enhance human security on the ground.


US-Cuba Rapprochement: Building Resilience in a Transition Economy

Analysing the sources of the US-Cuba rapprochement and its effects on Cuba’s indigenous economic reform programme.


The Politics of Patronage Appointments in Brazil

Delving into relations between political institutions, the politics of patronage appointments, and the quality of public administration in Latin America.


New Muralism and the Politics of Erasure: A Study of Public Culture in Peru

Researching the rise and removal of new muralism and its implications for public culture in contemporary Peru.


Financial Instruments and Mechanisms for Green Financing applied to NAFIN

Exploring the pros and cons of various climate-finance instruments via the LSE-Nacional Financiera (NAFIN) Fellowship.