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Global South Unit

The Global South Unit (GSU) is a research and teaching initiative based in the International Relations Department of the LSE. It is a decentralised ideas hub aimed at investigating the changing role of the South in shaping the global order. The unit was co-founded by Professor Chris Alden and Dr. Alvaro Mendez from the International Relations Department.

We aspire to lead the debate through our research, analysis and innovative ideas. Our network of academics, practitioners, policy-makers and business leaders are active proponents of new ideas and thinking about the Global South.


Our work is not based on theory alone; contributors have real experience of social and economic development in the Global South and feed these learnings back into their work and to the wider academic community. We capture and accurately analyse the shifting global landscape of economic ties and political relations now in process of re-constituting the structures and institutions of the international system.


Our remit is to ‘de-centre’ the study of International Relations and focus on:

  • differing dimensions of emerging power foreign policy;
  • the changing dynamics of South-South cooperation;
  • the impact of the Global South on key international issues such as global governance and climate change
  • the relationship between North and South across political, economic, and social development dimensions

We achieve this through a combination of original academic research and an active outreach programme of events and publications. 

Through established links in Africa, China, India and Latin America, the GSU is part of a growing global network that will serve as a virtual and substantive centre of excellence on the study of the Global South.

Dr Daniel Ortega

Wednesday, 2 December 2015
For a Safer Latin America: a new perspective to prevent and control crime
Speaker: Dr Daniel Ortega, CAF Senior Research Economist; Adjunct Professor at IESA Business School, Caracas
Chair: Dr Alvaro Mendez, co-founder of LSE Global South Unit; Research Fellow, Department of International Relations, LSE
Venue: Thai Theatre, New Academic Building, LSE Campus
Time: 18.30-20:00
Co-hosted with LSE Latin American Society

Second Annual CAF-LSE Global South Conference- poster

Friday, 15 January 2016

Global Governance in an Era of Uncertainty

One of the most important developments of the contemporary century is the emergence of the global south onto the stage of world politics. However, these new rising states do not have a track record in international leadership in a globalized world. The challenges and uncertainties of the twenty-first century require a multilateral approach to global governance. The third annual CAF-LSE conference will be held on Friday 15th January 2016 at the London School of Economics. This conference will contribute to understanding the rise of the global south by focusing on key international actors from Asia, Africa and Latin America and their perspectives on global governance in an era of uncertainty.

Full conference programme coming soon.
: Shaw Library, 6th floor, Old Building, LSE Campus
Time: 09.00 - 18.15
This event is free and open to all, but registration is required at Eventbrite.

working paper 1

The Origins of Nuclear Cooperation between Brazil and Argentina
Matias Spektor 
WPS 04-2015, August 2015

working paper 1

A comparative study of foreign economic policies: The CIVETS countries
Angélica Guerra-Barón and Álvaro Méndez 
WPS 03-2015, June 2015

working paper 1

Strategies and Counter-strategies: China in the Andean Region of South America
Ádam Chimienti and Benjamin Creutzfeldt
WPS 01-2014, October 2014


China and  Mozambique: From Comrades to Capitalists

New Edited volume by Dr Chris Alden and Dr Sergio Chichava, "China and Mozambique drills down into the heart of a relationship whose growing depth and complexity exposes key themes that will affect Africa’s future development."

 Varin book

Mercenaries, Hybrid Armies and National Security

This book, authored by Dr Caroline Varin, assesses the use of ‘mercenaries’ by states, and their integration into the national armed forces as part of a new hybridisation trend of contemporary armies in the 'Global South' as well as in Western societies. 



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     The Rise of the Global South: Towards an Agenda for a New Century 
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2013 The Rise of the South: human progress in a diverse world (10 July 2013)
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 The Challenges of Latin America and the New Global South (12 February 2013)
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A post-90s 'shepherdess'
Wang Ping, 25, lives in a village of Luzhou city in Southwest China's Sichuan province. After graduation from nurse's training in 2010, she worked as a nurse, and even opened a village hospital.

Xiaomi rolls out 3 new products to end the year
Xiaomi, China's leading smartphone maker, launched three new products in Beijing on Tuesday, including a smartphone, a tablet and an air purifier.

New arrivals
BAIC Motor released its latest pure electric compact sedan EU260, which was developed based on the SAAB 93 platform and carries Safe Cage technology.

President Macri faces a tough task in Argentina
The new leader must try to reject the damaging Peronist legacy

Macri vows new economic order in Argentina
Centre-right leader inherits high inflation and dwindling foreign reserves

Macri to urge Mercosur to bar Venezuela
Argentine leader signals change of allegiance with open criticism of neighbour’s human rights record

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Blast hits state security bus in Tunis
An explosion hits a bus carrying presidential guards in Tunisia's capital, Tunis, killing at least 12 people, sparking a state of emergency.

Tanzania scraps independence day revelry
Tanzania's newly elected President John Magufuli cancels independence day celebrations, and orders a clean-up campaign instead.

Niger cancels top Fima fashion show
One of Africa's foremost fashion shows, the Fima festival in Niger, is called off by authorities amid security fears, the organiser says.

Brazil toxic mud 'devastated forests'
Toxic mud from the dam that collapsed in Brazil earlier this month destroyed a vast area of natural vegetation, the environment minister says.

Brazilian star Edilson facing charges
Prosecutors in Brazil request the indictment of former football international Edilson for alleged involvement in a lottery fraud scheme.

'Greek' Syrians ask Honduras for asylum
Five Syrian men who raised international concern after trying to enter Honduras on forged Greek passports, request asylum in the Central American nation.

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