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Global South Unit

The Global South Unit (GSU) is a research and teaching initiative based in the International Relations Department of the LSE. It is a decentralised ideas hub aimed at investigating the changing role of the South in shaping the global order. The unit was co-founded by Professor Chris Alden and Dr. Alvaro Mendez from the International Relations Department.

We aspire to lead the debate through our research, analysis and innovative ideas. Our network of academics, practitioners, policy-makers and business leaders are active proponents of new ideas and thinking about the Global South.


Our work is not based on theory alone; contributors have real experience of social and economic development in the Global South and feed these learnings back into their work and to the wider academic community. We capture and accurately analyse the shifting global landscape of economic ties and political relations now in process of re-constituting the structures and institutions of the international system.


Our remit is to ‘de-centre’ the study of International Relations and focus on:

  • differing dimensions of emerging power foreign policy;
  • the changing dynamics of South-South cooperation;
  • the impact of the Global South on key international issues such as global governance and climate change

We achieve this through a combination of original academic research and an active outreach programme of events and publications. 

Through established links in Africa, China, India and Latin America, the GSU is part of a growing global network that will serve as a virtual and substantive centre of excellence on the study of the Global South.


Leadership in International Organisations
Date: Tuesday, 19 May 2015
Time: 2.30-4:30 PM
Venue: Tower 2, Clement's Inn (entry through Tower One), LSE Campus
Speaker: Enrique Garcia Rodriguez, CAF's Executive President
Chair: Dr Alvaro Mendez, co-founder of LSE Global South Unit; Research Fellow, Department of International Relations, LSE


Regional Economic Integration in Latin America
Date: Monday, 18 May 2015
Time: 2.30-4PM
Venue: 32L.G.03, 32 Lincoln's Inn Fields, LSE
Speaker: Enrique Garcia Rodriguez, CAF's Executive President
Chair: Dr Stephen Woolcock, Associate Professor in the Department of International Relations at LSE

This event aims to open up discussions about development and economic integration of countries in Latin America.

 Myanmar conference

Myanmar’s 2015 Elections: hopes, expectations, and certitude
Date: Thursday, 23 April 2015
Time: 12.30 - 14.00PM
Venue: Hong Kong Theater, Clement House

Speakers: Professor David I. Steinberg,Distinguished Professor of Asian Studies Emeritus, Georgetown University and visiting scholar, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University;
Min Zin, regular contributor to The Foreign Policy’s Transition blog and PhD candidate, University of California, Berkeley; 
Myat Thu, Director and co-founder, Yangon School of Political Science; Hein Myat Thu Htet, Foundation doctor, New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton

Professor David I Steinberg

Public Lecture: Myanmar: politics, pragmatism and foreign policy
Date: Wednesday, 22 April 2015
Time: 6.30-8PM
Venue: Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House
SpeakerProfessor David I Steinberg, Distinguished Professor of Asian Studies Emeritus, Georgetown University

Although local and international attention are now naturally focused on the scheduled 2015 Myanmar elections, Professor Steinberg explores longer term past governance trends in Myanmar, their interplay with the country’s
international relations, and factors influencing such relations in the
post-election period.

Burmas conflict ways

LSE Arts public exhibition
A view from the border: Everyday lives in Burma's conflict zones in times of transition
Dates: Monday, 13 April - Friday, 8 May 2015 
Time: 10AM-8PM, Mon-Fri
Venue: Atrium Gallery, Old Building

The photographs were taken by two local photojournalists and a doctoral candidate from the LSE. Hkun Li and Hkun Lat are two brothers from Kachin State. They use photography to portray the re-escalation of civil war that has unsettled their youth. David Brenner uses photography to communicate his research on the conflict.


LSESU Brazilian Society & LSE Global South Unit present
Public Lecture: Brazilian Foreign Policy: a Q&A session with Minister Celso Amorim
Date: Tuesday, 24 February 2015
Time: 11AM - 12.30PM
Venue: CLM 4.02, Clement House
Speaker: Celso Amorim, Former Minister of Foreign Relations, Brazil Chair: Dr Alvaro Mendez, co-founder of LSE Global South Unit; Research Fellow, Department of International Relations, LSE

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 Second Annual CAF-LSE Global South Conference- poster

Second Annual CAF-LSE Global South Conference
Date: Friday, 16 January 2015
Time: 9AM - 5.30PM
Venue: Shaw Library, 6th floor Old Building

This is the second instalment of a high-level conference series undertaken in the framework of the CAF-LSE strategic partnership on South-South cooperation. It will bring together other top policy-makers and researchers from around the world, including former Chilean President Ricardo Lagos and Professor Arturo Valenzuela, former Assistant Secretary for the US Department of State, among others.

Conference Rapport

working paper 1

The Origins of Nuclear Cooperation between Brazil and Argentina
Matias Spektor 

working paper 1

A comparative study of foreign economic policies: The CIVETS countries
Angélica Guerra-Barón and Álvaro Méndez 
WPS 03-2015, June 2015

working paper 1

Strategies and Counter-strategies: China in the Andean Region of South America
Ádam Chimienti and Benjamin Creutzfeldt
WPS 01-2014, October 2014


China and  Mozambique: From Comrades to Capitalists

New Edited volume by Dr Chris Alden and Dr Sergio Chichava, "China and Mozambique drills down into the heart of a relationship whose growing depth and complexity exposes key themes that will affect Africa’s future development."

 Varin book

Mercenaries, Hybrid Armies and National Security

This book, authored by Dr Caroline Varin, assesses the use of ‘mercenaries’ by states, and their integration into the national armed forces as part of a new hybridisation trend of contemporary armies in the 'Global South' as well as in Western societies. 



Brazilian Foreign Policy: a Q&A session with Minister Celso Amorim (24 February 2015)
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Second CAF-LSE Conference (16 January 2015)
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2014 Rethinking a new development agenda for Latin America (29 October 2014)
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 First CAF-LSE Conference: (17 January 2014)
     The Rise of the Global South: Towards an Agenda for a New Century 
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2013 The Rise of the South: human progress in a diverse world (10 July 2013)
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 The Challenges of Latin America and the New Global South (12 February 2013)
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  • Chad executes Boko Haram fighters
    Chad executes 10 members of the Islamist militant group Boko Haram, a day after they were found guilty of terror crimes.
  • US decries al-Jazeera jail sentences
    The US says it is "deeply disappointed and concerned" at the three-year jail sentences handed down in Egypt to three al-Jazeera journalists.
  • Nigeria warns of airport attack
    Nigeria's intelligence agency warns of a possible attack on Abuja's airport after disrupting what it said was a Boko Haram spying network.
  • Storm Erika kills 20 in Dominica
    Tropical Storm Erika leaves at least 20 dead on the Caribbean island of Dominica, with the devastation setting it back 20 years, its PM says.
  • Bolt picks up 11th Worlds gold
    Usain Bolt wins his 11th World Championship title with gold in the 4x100m relay in Beijing, but Great Britain fail to finish.
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    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro extends border closures with Colombia and deploys more troops, in an ongoing bilateral row.
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