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Global South Unit

The Global South Unit (GSU) is a research and teaching initiative based in the International Relations Department of the LSE. It is a decentralised ideas hub aimed at investigating the changing role of the South in shaping the global order. The unit was co-founded by Professor Chris Alden and Dr. Alvaro Mendez from the International Relations Department.

We aspire to lead the debate through our research, analysis and innovative ideas. Our network of academics, practitioners, policy-makers and business leaders are from, and embedded in, the Global South.

Old_Building_045Our remit is, and always shall be to take the perspective of the Global South. We aim to ‘de-centre’ the study of International Relations and refocus it on the emerging dynamic of South-South cooperation. We achieve this through a combination of original academic research and an active outreach programme of events and publications. 

Our work is not based on theory alone; contributors have real experience of social and economic development in the Global South and feed these learnings back into their work and to the wider academic community. We capture and accurately analyse the shifting global landscape of economic ties and political relations now in process of re-constituting the structures and institutions of the international system. 

Through established links in Africa, China, India and Latin America, the GSU is creating a global network that will serve as a virtual and substantive centre of excellence on South-South Cooperation.  Our vision and mission is to help create a prosperous Global South that will pioneer sustainable and responsible approaches to social and economic development. The unit is led by Professor Chris Alden.

Second Annual CAF-LSE Global South Conference:

Geopolitics and the Global South: Challenges of the Emerging Order   |

Date: Friday 16 January 2015   9AM to 5.30PM

Location: Shaw Library, 6th floor Old Building 

Register here|

  • US approves Cuba-Florida ferry
    Passenger ferries could be set to run between Florida and Cuba for the first time in more than 50 years after the US government approved new services.
  • Mass grave found on Venezuela border
    A mass grave containing seven bodies has been found on the border between Venezuela and Colombia, according to officials.
  • US jails Guatemalan 'drug queen'
    A Guatemalan woman dubbed Queen of the South, who ran one of the largest drug trafficking rings in Central America, is jailed by the US.

  • NDRC to ease pricing regulation
    China's top economic planner is set to cut the number of commodities and services that were previously under government pricing regulation by 80 percent.
  • Chinese shares close lower Wednesday
    Chinese shares tumbled on Wednesday, with the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index down by 1.62 percent to finish at 4,229.27 points.
  • Speculation driving up soccer-related stocks
    Investors have been piling up soccer-related shares as China's leadership reveals its plan to revitalize the nation's soccer industry. But some analysts said few of the targets are closely related to the industry and some shares have been overbought.


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