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Economics decisions talk by professors Oriana Bandiera, Nava Ashraf and Maitreesh Ghatak at the British Science Festival


"How does caring for one another affect economic decisions?"
Economics Scientific Section talk at the British Science Festival in September 2017. 

Professors Oriana Bandiera, Nava Ashraf and Maitressh Ghatak talked about how our social preferences affect our decision making and what are the economic consequences. They discussed how we can incorporate personal motivations into economic models and discuss the implications on the organisation of firms, the use of monetary incentives, and the delivery of public services.

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Earlier in 2017

New arrivals at the department

The department welcomes the following new faculty members:


Dr Xavier Jaravel (Assistant Professor of Economics)

Dr Xavier Jaravel received his PhD in economics from Harvard in 2016. His research answers macro questions using micro data. His recent work studies the interplay between innovation and inequality. Dr Jaravel will be teaching Quantative Economics.


Dr Rachael Meager (Assistant Professor of Economics)

Dr Rachael Meager received her PhD in Economics and Statistics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her BA./BComm in Economics, History and French from the University of Melbourne. Her research is at the intersection of development economics and statistics, with a focus on Bayesian hierarchical techniques. Though substantively interested in poverty alleviation and program evaluation in many different contexts, her work is interdisciplinary and often involves collaboration with computer scientists and statisticians. Dr Meager will be teaching Econometrics.


Dr Daniel Reck (Assistant Professor of Economics)

Dr Daniel Reck received a PhD in economics from the University of Michigan in 2016, and spent a year as a post-doctoral scholar at the University of California Berkeley. His research interests are in behavioral economics and public economics, with topics ranging from offshore tax evasion to the application of insights from behavioral economics to policymaking. He will be teaching Public Economics.

September 2017



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