I really enjoyed the diversity of participants in the class. We had everyone from policy makers to financial professionals to political campaign consultants to a surgeon.
Marina Best, Advisor, Asian Development Bank - Behavioural Economics 


Global Macroeconomic Challenges (3 - 7 June 2019)
This course provides an up-to date overview and economic interpretation of the challenges facing the global economy and in financial markets.

Behavioural Economics and the Modern Economy (10 - 14 June 2019)
Explore modern developments in behavioural economics by examining the theoretical basis and basic policy implications of its contributions to economic thought.

Faculty teaching on Executive Education Courses


Professor Nava Ashraf
Lecturer for: Behavioural Economics and the Modern Economy

Professor of Economics
Research Director of the Marshall Institute
Department of Economics

Dr Gianluca Benigno, Reader in Economics

Dr Gianluca Benigno
Lecturer for: Global Macroeconomic Challenges

Reader in Economics
CFM Associate
Department of Economics


Lorenzo Codogno
Lecturer for: Global Macroeconomic Challenges

Visiting Professor in Practice
European Institute

Former Chief Economist, Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance

Professor Paul De Grauwe, John Paulson Chair in European Political Economy, LSE

Professor Paul De Grauwe
Lecturer for: Global Macroeconomic Challenges

John Paulson Chair in European Political Economy
European Institute

Former Member of Parliament, Belgium


Professor Erik Eyster
Lecturer for: Behavioural Economics and the Modern Economy

Professor of Economics
Deputy Head of Department for Teaching
Department of Economics


Dr Matthew Levy
Lecturer for: Behavioural Economics and the Modern Economy

Lecturer in Economics
Suntory and Toyota International Centre for Economics and Related Disciplines
Department of Economics

Entrance to LSE on Houghton Street

Dr Kristóf Madarász
Lecturer for: Behavioural Economics and the Modern Economy

Associate Professor in Managerial Economics and Strategy
Department of Management


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