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The Department of Economics

The best thing about studying at LSE, is studying economics at LSE. The Economics Department is incredibly supportive – they really care about your wellbeing and your studies and are there to help you make the most of your time here at LSE.

Samantha Ong, BSc Economics

Welcome to the Department of Economics. Here you can virtually meet our students and staff, find out more about the Department and our programmes. Take your time to browse through the information and follow the links to our Department webpages to really get to know us.

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Virtual Undergraduate Open Day resources 

Visit our Economics Virtual Open Day pages to find out more about our degree programmes, teaching and assessment methods, as well as life in the Department.

You can also watch our Economics Virtual Undergraduate Open Day videos below:

Studying BSc Economics at LSE

An introduction to studying BSc Economics at LSE An introduction to studying BSc Economics at LSE
An introduction to studying BSc Economics at LSE

Studying a joint honours Economics degree at LSE

An introduction to studying a joint honours Economics degree at LSE An introduction to studying a joint honours Economics degree at LSE
An introduction to studying a joint honours Economics degree at LSE

Top three reasons why you should study economics at LSE

Our economics programmes enable our students to:

  1. Develop transferable analytical skills through rigorous study at the frontier of economics knowledge.
  2. Experience a bespoke, policy-relevant curriculum delivered by leading experts and informed by academic research.
  3. Enjoy a vibrant, diverse academic community in the heart of London linked to an international network of alumni.

You can find more information about us and our history on our webpages.

What is it like to study economics at LSE?

From the academic year 2021-22 students will follow our exciting new undergraduate curriculum, which offers a bespoke set of tailored courses designed specifically for single honours students, further strengthening our vibrant LSE Economics community.

Economics addresses a broad range of important social issues and policy questions, from the gender pay gap to the relationship between economic wealth and happiness. At LSE the study of economics is mathematically demanding as students apply analytical techniques, statistical theory and quantitative methods to complex real-world problems. After a core foundation of microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics, designed to also develop coding and other specialist skills, students can select from a range of specialist field economics courses, alongside outside options.

Visit the Department's study page for more information.

Our academic curriculum is complemented by a rich array of community events and extra-curricular opportunities, many in close collaboration with the LSE SU Economics Society. Our First Year Challenge gives students the opportunity to work together soon after arrival to explore a contemporary economics issue, examined through the lens of the intellectual heritage of LSE, and against the backdrop of our central London location. Students can also take on leadership roles in the Department, such as becoming student representatives, peer supporters or Student Academic Mentors, and work closely with their peers and academic staff in a wide range of initiatives and activities.

Our new curriculum also extends to our joint degree programmes - students on joint programmes will also take bespoke courses designed specifically for their academic needs, and which prepare them for third year economics courses.

Hear from our students 

We asked recent LSE Economics alumni to share their thoughts on what studying Economics at LSE is really like! Here are some of their comments.

Q. What is the LSE Economics degree programme really like?

“The professors are superstars. You never feel like you're just running through a standard textbook course - these folks design an experience.” Aaron Luke (BSc Economics)

“I found it awesome that LSE allowed me to approach Economics from multiple angles... I now have a good grasp over the questions that have already been resolved, the questions that remain, and, most exciting of all, the questions that are only just being discovered now.” Zixiao Yang (BSc Economics)

Q. What about the social side of studying economics at LSE?

“You have a cadre of like-minded friends, similarly excited about studying economics at a higher level, that you can stay in contact with or bounce ideas off of.” Edward Jee (BSc EME)

“I made friends for life at LSE, who I met in various places like student accommodation, SU events and joining societies.” Bruno Baisch (BSc Economics)

“Being in London is really fun. There are so many food options and things to do. I also really appreciated living in a big city, as opposed to a university town, because there's a constant reminder that people exist outside academia.” Charoo Anand (BSc EME)

Q. What was your biggest day-to-day challenge as an economics student?

“Keeping up with lectures…There’s relatively less hand-holding at LSE - students are encouraged to navigate and self-discover. Of course, this kind of learning comes with its moments of frustration. However, having to work through these daily challenges and solve new problems was deeply rewarding.” Zixiao Yang (BSc Economics)

When you don't live in halls, you need to be very intentional about making and staying in touch with friends. Charoo Anand (BSc EME)

Q; What aspects of LSE Economics helped you get to where you are now?

“You learn to work independently, and you gain very solid quantitative skills.” Bruno Baisch (BSc Economics)

“I have had continuous support from members of LSE's Economics Department throughout both Masters and job seeking processes.” Shams Islam (BSc EME)

Q. What advice do you have for future LSE Economics students?

“A steady pace of studying alongside job searching is the best way to succeed at LSE. It is not the kind of place you can cram the day before an exam and expect to pass. Instead, you will gain world class knowledge by applying yourself year-round” Shams Islam (BSc EME)

 “Make the most out of it - you get out what you put in at LSE Economics.” Edward Jee (BSc EME)

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For detailed information regarding entry requirements, programme content, preliminary reading and accreditation please visit our BSc Economics programme page.

Our programmes: BSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics

Students are rarely admitted to the BSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics programme in the first year due to its highly specialist nature. A limited number of students successfully transfer to this programme from BSc Economics in the third year, with permission from the Departmental Tutor.

For detailed information regarding entry requirements, programme content, preliminary reading and accreditation please visit our BSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics programme page.

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