Responding to your offer

Your offer explained

Please ensure you read your offer letter and offer guide carefully to ensure you understand the conditions of your offer


Responding to your offer

Once you have received decisions from all of the institutions you have applied to, you will need to choose which institutions and programmes you wish to make your firm and insurance choices and which offers you will be declining.

UCAS information on deadlines and responding to your offers

If you do not respond to your offers by the relevant deadline given on the UCAS website, then your offer(s) will be declined by default by UCAS. You would then have 14 days in which to contact UCAS to ask them to reinstate your offer(s). Unfortunately LSE will not be able to reinstate offers once the 14 day deadline has passed.

Important deadlines for offer holders

Key dates that all offer holders should be aware of:

Important dates
Deadline for overseas (including EU) students to submit their application for LSE Financial Support
 - Deadline for UK students to submit their application for LSE Financial Support
- Students should also apply for tuition fee loans and maintenance grants/loans
Deadline to reply to UCAS for offer choices  
Accommodation guarantee deadlineAfter this date accommodation for first year undergraduates will no longer be guaranteed, however you may still be able to book, subject to availability  
Deadline for offer holders studying the International Baccalaureate Diploma to inform the Undergraduate Admissions Office of any extenuating circumstances affecting exam performance  
Deadline for requesting a deferral of your place at the School  
Deadline for all offer holders (other than those studying the International Baccalaureate, see above) to inform the Undergraduate Admissions Office of any  extenuating circumstances  affecting exam performance  
Deadline for submitting certified copies of your requested qualifications  
Deadline for submitting official evidence of your English Language qualification  

Deadline for submitting the Financial Undertaking Form and Student Verification Form via LSE for You  
6 September - Deadline for all students sitting academic qualifications in 2024 to submit final results to the Undergraduate Admissions Office
- Deadline for receiving any re-mark results

What happens if I fail to meet the conditions of my offer?

If you marginally fail to meet the conditions of your offer, your application will automatically be referred back to the Admissions Selector for reconsideration. If you have a serious illness or extenuating circumstances that affect your examinations, you, or preferably your school/college, should write to the Undergraduate Admissions Office detailing the situation. This information must be submitted by our deadlines (28 May 2024 for IB candidates, 31 July 2024 for all other qualifications). All final decisions will be transmitted to students via UCAS Hub by early September. 

Can I defer my offer?

If you did not originally apply for deferred entry but you wish to start your programme in the following academic year, you may request to defer your offer of admission. You will need to submit a written request (an email will suffice) to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. This email should state the reasons for your deferral request and what you plan to do during your gap year.

If you orginally applied for deferred entry, we will not consider an additional deferral request. We are not able to grant two year deferrals under any circumstances.

If you originally applied for deferred entry, but now wish to 'un-defer' you must also submit a written request to the Undergraduate Admissions Office explaining your reasons for your request.

The Admissions Selector will consider your request and you will be contacted once a decision has been made. The deadline for one year deferral requests is 12 July 2024.

Can I transfer to a different degree programme?

Your offer of admission and acceptance of a place applies to a named degree. Only in exceptional circumstances will the School permit a student to transfer from one programme to another within the School at or after registration.

Supplying certified documentation of your qualifications

If your offer includes a condition to supply certified documentation of your previous qualifications, you must follow the guidance found here. Your place at the School can only be granted on the condition that you provide us with this documentation. Please read your digital offer letter carefully as this will indicate which qualifications we require evidence of before your place at the School can be confirmed. The deadline for submitting certified documentation of your previous qualifications is 31 July 2024.

The deadline for all students sitting academic qualifications in 2024 to submit final results to Undergraduate Admissions is 6 September 2024.

English language conditions

All students are required to demonstrate their proficiency in the English language before their place at the School can be confirmed. Our English language requirements are as important as our academic requirements. If you have been asked to obtain one of our recognised English language qualifications you must ensure that you provide evidence of this qualification no later than 31 July 2024.

If you intend to sit an IELTS, TOEFL, or CAE/CPE test to meet this requirement, you should book this test early. Our experience has shown that these tests are extremely popular throughout the world, and summer exam dates can be fully booked weeks in advance. By arranging to sit your test early, you'll be able to ensure that you meet our deadline for providing your qualification. Some qualifications can now be verified online, please see here for further guidance.

A full list of acceptable English language qualifications can be found here.


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