Current processing times

NOTICE: Please be aware of an issue that has come to our attention regarding email junk/spam filters. Some email software is filtering LSE emails to the spam/junk or ‘Deleted Items/Bin’ folder so please make sure to check there for important information regarding your application. If you do find any of our emails in any of these folders, please make sure to add the domain to your ‘Safe Senders’ or ‘Never Block’ list. Emails will be sent to you automatically from our database system once you have begun your online application and as your application progresses through each step in the process (application created; application submitted; application downloaded for processing). We will then send you a further email each time there is an update to the status of your application, including any requests for further information and the programme selectors’ decision on your application. It is essential that you ensure you can successfully receive our emails as soon as you begin your application.


Last updated: 29 July 2021, 07.39

This page shows the graduate admissions office processing times for incoming applications, emails and documents. It is updated at least once a day during the week.  We can only confirm the receipt of documents as they are processed. We cannot confirm receipt of documents waiting to be processed in the queue. Check the main news page for how to send documents.

CAS and pre-CAS:

You do not need to request a pre-CAS. We will issue it automatically once your offer is unconditional and you have submitted your offer reply form and financial undertaking form. It usually takes about a week from when you fulfil all these criteria for us to check your details and issue your pre-CAS, but please refer to the table below for more up-to-date turnaround times. We will issue your CAS once you have confirmed the accuracy of the details contained in your pre-CAS.   

*CAS queries: Please note that we are unable to give specific CAS advice during our Zoom sessions.

Fee Assessments:

Please bear with us if you are awaiting the outcome of your Fee Classification Questionnaire. Owing to more offer holders requiring assessment this year, and a lengthy delay from the UK Government in releasing the guidelines, we have not been able to provide updates to fee status' as quickly as we would like. Since guidance was received, we have been working through the backlog as fast as we can, so please bear with us - we will come back to you as soon as possible. You may accept your offer before you have the outcome of your Fee Assessment. If your fee status is reassessed (i.e. moves to home fees) your offer will be updated, you will not be required to stay as the fee status you had at the point of offer.


Please only call if your documents were received before our current processing date and you have not had notification from us. Unnecessary calls slow down our processing of your documents and issuing *CAS statements. We currently have a high volume of decisions to process, which will take priority over processing How do I...? requests. You may therefore need to wait longer than usual for an update. 

We cannot confirm receipt of documents until they are processed. 

Bookable Zoom sessions:

We have currently suspended our bookable Zoom sessions with members of the Graduate Admissions team.  This is to allow us to focus on processing documents and issuing CAS.

Counter sessons:

At the present time we are unable to offer drop-in counter sessions.

LSE for You Application Tracker changes:

The application tracker on LSE shows when updates are made on our database to your application. Confirmations of conditional offers are double checked by the senior staff in the Graduate Admissions Office, and although an applicant’s LFY account may show an update to the status of their offer, the update can only be considered official once an email has been sent to them from GAO. Please bear in mind that this confirmation won't be immediate, as this is a manual process.

Please bear in mind that around holiday closure dates, and application deadlines (also shown below), our response and processing times may be slower

We are currently processing applications received on

To get a rough idea of when your application will be processed please make a note of the date when you received the confirmation that your application was submitted and both references received.Then check this page regularly to see which date we are processing applications from (add 2-3 working days if you submitted on a Friday or at the weekend; these applications will be received the following Monday). Once your application has been processed you will receive the final acknowledgement email and be givenyour unique LSE ID number with instructions on how you can open your LSE for You account to track your application online.

29 July



We are currently processing supporting documents (this includes degree, TOEFL/IELTS/GRE/GMAT results, transcripts, references (to complete offers) received by email and our online How do I forms) received on and including:

Actioning verification: The majority of our conditional offer holders are graduating during the May-August period. It is therefore our peak time to receive and verify final degree transcripts. We will get to your documents, please bear with us.

Actioning verification: Please note, we are currently prioritising processing documents which fulfil the academic requirements of conditional offer holders.

If you already have an unconditional offer, but have sent us documents to fulfil any outstanding document requirements, we will get to your documents shortly, please do bear with us. 






29 June

We are currently processing references (to complete applications) received by email on and including:



We are currently processing email enquiries received on and including:

Please note, at this time of year we receive in excess of 500 emails a week. If you have already sent an email to us, please bear with us. Please do not send duplicate emails as this slows down the process for everyone. 

To help us process everything more quickly, please make sure that you read the news page before contacting us.

28 June


We are currently processing How Do I request forms (Add/amend programme choices, Change mode of study, Take up place again) received on and including:

Please note that your LSE for You application tracker will be updated with your new programme choices only once we have processed your request form. You will receive an email once this has been done. 

Please note, Reinstatement forms shall be processed from mid-July onwards.


*This excludes How Do I forms submitting documents to meet conditions or for CAS - see the supporting documents date for these*

19 July

We are currently issuing pre-CAS for offer holders who met the CAS eligibility criteria on: 

Please note that if we have asked you to provide additional information that must be processed, your pre-CAS will correspondingly be slightly delayed.

19 July

We are currently issuing CAS to offer holders who received their pre-CAS on or after:

19 July