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Most common tasks for offer holders

The vast majority of tasks are completed via the Graduate Applicant Portal (GAP).

Use the GAP to track the status of your application, access the knowledge base and to inform us of any changes or send documents we have requested. the deferral deposit?

Deferrals for graduate programmes are granted only in exceptional cases, for example unforeseen medical emergencies.

Applicants holding a deferred offer are able to pay their deposits online via the student self-funding payment portal. Use the advance payment option.

The deposit amount will be offset against your tuition fees when you register at LSE.

The deadline for receipt of this deposit is 31 January in the year you plan to begin your studies. If we do not receive your deposit by this date, your offer will be withdrawn, and the place given to another applicant.

The deposit is non-refundable. If, having paid the deposit, you choose not to take up your place, the money will be donated to the  student hardship fund for the benefit of LSE students in financial difficulty.

If you are not confident that you will be able to take up your deferred place, for example if you are completely dependent on receiving a scholarship which has not been confirmed, you should consider reinstating your application to be considered alongside the new cohort of applicants. While this does not guarantee your offer in the same way as a deferral, the vast majority of reinstating offer holders do receive an offer the following year. To reinstate your application, please complete the reinstate form.

Frequently asked questions about deferral deposits can be found on our knowledge base.  

If you experience any technical problems using this form you should contact the graduate admissions office. If you experience any problems with the payment you should contact your bank for further advice.

Make payment (use the advance payment option).

Instructions for alternative methods of payment

Use the following alternative methods making sure your application ID number is on the back of the cheque.

  • Cheques made payable to The London School of Economics, drawing on a UK bank.

It is not possible for LSE to accept payment by direct bank transfer, and we do not give out LSE bank account details Alternative means may be available, please contact us if you require assistance.

Do not send cash in the post.

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..advise the school of my disability?

If you would like to advise the School of your disability, long-term medical condition or specific learning difficulty, to help us make appropriate provision for you, please complete and return the attached form, to provide any additional information you feel necessary.

Please note that we may be unable to accommodate your individual requirements if we do not have the additional information.

The Disability and Well-being Service may contact you to discuss arrangements. You can contact them at and there is more information on their website - see here.

Tell us about your disability