press conference at LSE Pakistan Summit

LSE Pakistan Summit 2017

Pakistan at 70

logo of Pakistan at 70 summit
'Pakistan at 70' logo with Pakistan's national tree, deodar (Cedrus deodara). Designed by Oroon Das.

Pakistan at 70' was the first ever LSE Pakistan Summit, which took place on 10 - 11 April 2017 at the Institute of Business Administration - City Campus, Karachi. The event comprised four panels on philanthropy and institution building, art and modernity, the constitution, and development and its dividends. Each session included experts from Pakistan and abroad, drawn from multiple sectors including academia, government, business and the media.  In addition, Senator Sherry Rehman inaugurated Day 2 of the summit and Dr Maleeha Lodhi gave closing remarks. The summit also featured two special evening lectures, given by Professor Philip Oldenburg and Professor David Gilmartin. 

Around 450 people attended the Summit over the two days. Delegates were a mix of journalists, academics, policymakers, NGO activists, students from LSE and Pakistani universities and LSE alumni. Read the Summit Report for an overview of speakers and sessions, as well as snapshots from the media coverage.


Working Papers

Read the working papers summarising the discussions and recommendations from each of the panels.

1. Working paper #1 Philanthropy and Institution Building

2. Working paper #2 Art and Modernity

3. Working paper #3 The Constitution of Pakistan

4. Working paper #4 Development and its Dividends

Panel Discussions

All panel discussions were livestreamed and the videos are available to view on Facebook. 

Watch the inauguration

Watch 'Philanthropy and Institution Building'

Watch 'Art and Modernity'

Watch Senator Sherry Rehman inaugurate Day 2 

Watch 'The Constitution of Pakistan'

Watch 'Development and its Dividends'

Watch Maleeha Lodhi's closing address

Blog Interviews

Written summaries for each of the panels that explore specific aspects of the topics in more detail are also available on our blog

Video Interviews

Selected speakers recorded short video clips to expand on questions raised during the panels. Click on the links below or find our LSE Pakistan Summit 2017 playlist on YouTube.

Watch Zaffar Ahmad Khan discuss philanthropy

Watch Iftikhar DadiAli Nobil Ahmad, Farida Batool
Ali Rez and Fasi Zaka discuss art

Watch Hina Jilani, Matthew Nelson, and Anwar Mansoor discuss the Constitution

Watch Farrukh Iqbal and Ishrat Husain discuss development