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Special events to mark 75 years of independence 

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Sound Economics can Enrich Pakistan

Date/Time: Thursday, 2 February | 3.30pm UK | 8.30pm Pakistan

PLEASE NOTE: This event was originally publicised including Dr Esther Peréz Ruíz (International Monetary Fund) as the second Speaker, but Dr Ruíz excused herself shortly before the event due to ongoing work commitments in Pakistan. 

SPEAKER: Asim Khwaja (@aikhwaja) is Sumitomo-FASID Professor of International Finance & Development, and Director, Center for International Development, Harvard Kennedy SchoolHarvard University.

CHAIR: Alnoor Bhimani (@AlnoorBhimani) is Director, LSE South Asia Centre and Professor of Management Accounting at LSE.

This event is in collaboration with The Lakshmi Mittal & Family South Asia InstituteHarvard University, and is part of the LSE South Asia Centre's ongoing 'Pakistan @ 75' series of events in 2022-23.

Please click here to watch a recording of the event. 

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Date/Time: Saturday, 5 November 2022, 8.30 am onwards

A day-long, in-person, on-site celebration of the 75th anniversary of Pakistan's birth & independence. 

Venue: B 3 Auditorium, Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB), Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Khyaban-e Jinnah, Phase 5 DHA, Lahore Cantonment, Lahore 54792 

Click here for the Campus Map, and look for the building marked 'A'. SDSB is the building behind the Mosque.


8.30 am: Registration

10.15 am: Inauguration & Opening Remarks by Professor Alnoor Bhimani (Director, LSE South Asia Centre), Mr Shahid Hussain (Rector, LUMS) & Dr Arshad Ahmad (Vice-Chancellor, LUMS)

Please click here to watch a recording of the Inauguration.



Like many post-colonies, Pakistan's legal corpus is an inheritance from colonial times -- dated, out-of-sync with current needs, encoded in English. New laws since 1947 have catered to immediate concerns but the bulk of it remains from earlier times. This panel of legal experts will consider individual or collective laws from civil, criminal, commercial & regulatory laws, and discuss what 'decolonisation' of the legal corpus may look like, and mean in practice, for the modern Islamic republic of Pakistan. Or is a 'decolonisation' of laws not possible, or not worthwhile?     

SPEAKERS: Dr Amber Darr (@AmberMDarr) is Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, and Lecturer in Competition Law at the University of Manchester; Sara Malkani (@saramalkani) is Advocate in the High Courts of Pakistan; Dame Maura McGowan is judge of the Supreme Court of England & Wales; Salman Akram Raja (@salmanAraja) is Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

DISCUSSANT: Justice Qazi Faez Isa is Justice in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.  

MODERATOR: Sheikh Raza Rahman (@razarahman) is an LSE Alumnus (LLM 1999), & Founding Partner, Lexium — Attorneys at Law, Lahore.

CHAIR: Professor Alnoor Bhimani (@AlnoorBhimani) is an LSE alumnus (PhD 1992), Director, LSE South Asia Centre & Professor of Management Accounting, LSE.  

Please click here to watch a recording of the discussion. 



Pakistan is among the world’s 25 largest economies, has the fifth biggest population, and is in the top ten largest workforces. It is a major exporter of textiles, leather goods, chemicals and surgical instruments, and ranks in the top five producers of sugar cane, seed cotton, and mangoes, among others. How does it improve its developmental capacity to deal with health, transportation, housing, sanitation, and water access issues?  This panel will discuss what turnaround measures exist for the country in the next decade, faced as it is with increasing national debt, rising unemployment and a rapidly growing population? Can Pakistan become South Asia’s powerhouse?

SPEAKERS: Dr Ali Cheema is a founding member of the Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan, and Associate Professor of Economics, Lahore University of Management Sciences; Dr Mariam Chughtai (@MariamChughtai) is Director, National Curriculum Council of Pakistan, and Associate Dean & Assistant Professor, School of Education, Lahore University of Management Sciences;  Abdul Razak Dawood (@razak_dawood) is an industrialist, and Founder of Descon; Dr Sania Nishtar (@SaniaNishtar) is Senator, an advocate of Global Health, and author of Choked Pipes: Reforming Pakistan's Mixed Health System (2010);  Dr Muhammad Amjad Saqib (@DrAmjadsaqib1) is a social entrepreneur, and Founder & Chairman of Akhuwat Foundation.     

CHAIR: Professor Alnoor Bhimani (@AlnoorBhimani) is an LSE alumnus (PhD 1992), Director, LSE South Asia Centre & Professor of Management Accounting, LSE. 

Please click here to watch a recording of the discussion.

SAC Annual Forum_WithVeins

Conversations with global stalwarts who have made an enduring difference to society, whose actions have surpassed the odds, showing the world what the strength of conviction and the power of commitment can achieve. 


Director Professor Alnoor Bhimani in conversation with Syed Babar Ali OBE

A one-to-one conversation with Syed Babar Ali on ethical leadership, business action that prioritises the nation's welfare, the role of citizens, civil society and the state in creating societal balance, and how diversity enables learning from others to achieve a more equal and prosperous citizenship. 

Please click here to watch a recording of this conversation. 


This event is in collaboration with Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), and will not be live-streamed. Please note that Registration for this event has now closed.