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Academic Visitors


The Sociology Department welcomes applications from a wide range of individuals. Visitors to the Department come under three main categories:

1. Visiting Fellows: academics at Assistant Professor level, early career researchers, or non-academic practitioners of equivalent standing.

2. Visiting Senior Fellows: academics at Associate Professor level, or non-academic practitioners of equivalent standing.

3. Visiting Professors: Full Professors, or non-academics who have achieved prominence in public life or attained distinction in their profession.

We also welcome research students from other universities to spend from one term up to one academic year at LSE as a Visiting Research Student (VRS).

All visitors are required to make a significant and substantial contribution to teaching, research and the intellectual life of the Department. The invitation letter will specify the contribution that we expect visitors to make during their visit. This may include giving lectures or seminars to our students; participating in our research seminar series; giving a public lecture; or providing a brief report for our webpages or blog.

Visitors are part of the intellectual life of the Department and are able to meet all staff here and elsewhere in the LSE. Visitors are also welcome to join in the many talks, debates and public lectures held across the LSE. Visitors will be provided with a shared office space, an LSE IT account and email address, as well as access to the LSE’s library.

Please note that the Department does not reimburse visitors’ travel or accommodation expenses, nor does it provide secretarial assistance. Visiting appointments are unpaid.

Visitors are required to use the exact visitor title when referring to their LSE affiliation in any written or electronic correspondence.

Application procedure

If you are interested in visiting LSE Sociology you are advised to contact a member of faculty in the first instance, who might be willing to act as the Departmental Sponsor for the duration of your visit. Please note all applicants must have a sponsor. 

To make an application please fill in the form, following the guidelines: Visitors Application Form

All applications must be formally submitted to Sociology.research@lse.ac.uk.

Applications will be assessed by the Research Committee according to the following criteria:

- The applicant’s fit with the research interests of colleagues;
- The applicant’s international standing in the discipline;
- The applicant’s proposed contribution to teaching or the departmental public lecture series;
- The availability of office space in the Department.

Please note that the Research Committee meets once each term, so applications submitted late in the term or during vacation periods will not be considered until the next termly meeting, except in exceptional circumstances. Once approved by the Committee, applications then have to be submitted to the School for confirmation.  The process can take several months, and we therefore advise prospective visitors to apply well before they intend to come.

Visitors who are not nationals of the European Economic Area and who receive financial support from a UK source to carry out their research are required to have eligibility to work in the UK.