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Urban Sociology

The Department of Sociology has a distinctive cluster of urban sociologists and ethnographers, who work alongside urban designers and planners to address the dynamism of urban transformations. Processes of urbanisation are examined in relation to global systems of power and regulation, cultural hierarchies and subversions, and forms of association and exclusion. Current research interests include pronounced conditions of urban inequality, the role of housing in an era of dispossession, the practice of new media and technology in global contexts, cross-disciplinary explorations of architecture and cultural space, and the configurations of migrant urbanisms. 

LSE Cities brings together interdisciplinary and applied research and teaching activities. LSE Cities’ core focus is on space and society, the environment and climate change, and urban governance, and it employs innovative social, spatial and visual approaches to analyse contemporary urban conditions and to conceptualise urban futures, contributing to academic debate and policy formation. 


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