REF 2021

Our vibrant research environment brings together a growing community of researchers addressing critical social challenges and engaging with diverse audiences.

Fran Tonkiss, Head of Department


Our contribution to the field of Sociology has been recognised by assessors in the 2021 Research Excellence Framework. The REF Panel awarded 54 percent of our research outputs the highest (4 star) grade, indicating that they considered it “world-leading”, with 86 percent of our research outputs awarded 4- or 3-star grades. The quality of our research environment was reflected in our 75 percent 4-star grade and our impact case studies were awarded a 75 percent 4- and 3-star grade.

Our research has been used within the broadcasting industry to tackle work-place inequality, and by planners, policymakers, community and activist groups to make changes to debates about policy and planning in UK cities. Read more about some of our REF Impact Case Studies below. 


Our Research with Impact 

You can find out more about the LSE REF results here and for more context on the framework please read here.