Marta Pagnini

Marta Pagnini

Research Student

Department of Sociology

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Key Expertise
Social Capital Inequality, Economic Elites, Social Network Analysis

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Research Topic:

A Sociological Analysis of Global Elites and Transnational Social Capital 


Professor Mike Savage (Department of Sociology) and Dr Milena Tsvetkova (Department of Methodology)

Research Interests:

Social Capital Inequality in the Labour Market, Economic Elites, Social Network Analysis

Thesis Abstract:

This project examines the relationship between globalization and new techniques of elite social reproduction, as related to information inequality in the financial industry. More specifically, my research examines global elites at the very top of the class structure in the United Kingdom and inequalities in terms of “transnational” social capital, using a Social Network Analysis approach. Transnational social capital refers to the resources accessed through a network of relationships that span two or more national boundaries. By being embedded in transnational networks of social ties, corporate elites might access more heterogeneous information compared to individuals embedded in denser and more homogenous networks. The heterogeneity of this information might lead to advantages such as knowing key investment opportunities earlier than colleagues embedded in denser networks and making more successful deals. At a moment in history where increasing economic inequalities exacerbated by globalization are coming into public attention, it is key to reflect on the dynamics that allow a very small percentage of the population to take all the advantages of an extremely competitive and unequal labour market