Lili Schwoerer

Lili Schwoerer

Research Student

Department of Sociology

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English, German
Key Expertise
Higher Education, Feminist Theory, Knowledge Production, Political Economy

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Research Topic:

Inclusivity and Feminist Knowledges in the ‘Global Market for Higher Education’ 


Dr Suki Ali (Department of Sociology) and Professor Charis Thompson (Department of Sociology, LSE)

Research Interests:

Higher Education; Feminist Theory; Knowledge Production; Political Economy; Qualitative Methodologies

Thesis Abstract:

My thesis asks how gender and feminist knowledge production in English Universities is shaped and reshaped in the context of marketisation and internationalisation. I understand internationalisation and marketisation as trends that involve particular ways of making sense of, managing and valorising difference. Feminism and gender knowledge production is complexly implicated in these processes, as well as in the university’s production and reproduction of epistemic and material hierarchies. Through interviews with social science scholars at four universities, in combination with analyses of university documents, I explore the regulation of feminist and gender knowledge, the meanings and consequences of invoking ‘feminism’, as well as possibilities for feminist critiques of knowledge.