Helen Mackreath

Helen Mackreath

Research Student

Department of Sociology

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Key Expertise
Migration, Postcolonial studies, Racism, Human Rights

About me


Dr. Ayça Çubukçu (Department of Sociology and LSE Human Rights) and Dr Suzi Hall (Department of Sociology)

Research Interests:

Migration; Postcolonial studies; Critical Race Theory; Human Rights; Liberalism; Political economy; Ethnography

Thesis Abstract:

My research is concerned with understanding how Syrian migrants in Istanbul, as racially discriminated and marginalised subjects of human rights, continue to evade social and political justice. I approach this objective through a two pronged inquiry. Firstly questioning how marginalisation is occurring within a political economy of neoliberalism and a humanitarian space which is arguably informed by complex and contradictory relationships to Ottoman Imperialism and a shifting European human rights discourse. Secondly, to understand the tools being used to resist this marginalisation. This starting point is geared towards answering two related questions – critiquing the messy human rights grounds which have informed various policies towards Syrians in Istanbul; and understanding what political strategies are being pursued to resist continued racism and marginalisation and provide a foundation for solidarity.