Professor Frances Heidensohn

Professor Frances Heidensohn

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Department of Sociology

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STC S115

About me

Professor Frances Heidensohn is a pioneer of feminist perspectives in criminology. Her research interests lie in the study of gender and criminology and she has developed work on gender and law enforcement and on international and comparative studies on crime and justice.

Frances graduated in Sociology from LSE, gaining the Hobhouse Memorial Prize, and studied and taught at the School until 1974. She then moved to the Civil Service College where she was Director of Studies in Social Policy, followed by Goldsmiths University of London. At Goldsmiths, Frances held the Chair of Social Policy from 1994-2004. She has been a visiting professor at Queen's University, Belfast, the University of Montreal and Macgill University.


In 2000, she received the Book Award of the International Division of the American Society of Criminology and in 2004, the Sellin Glueck Award of the ASC for contributions to international criminology. In 2018, Frances received the British Society of Criminology Outstanding Achievement Award

Selected Publications


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Brown, Jennifer and Heidensohn, Frances (2012) From Juliet to Jane: women police in TV cop shows, reality, rank and careers In: Newburn, Tim and Peay, Jill, (eds.) Policing: Politics, Culture and Control. Hart Publishing, Oxford, UK, 111-134. ISBN 9781849463003


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Heidensohn, Frances (2010) The deviance of women: a critique and an enquiry British Journal of Sociology, 61 (s1). 111-126. ISSN 0007-1315

Heidensohn, Frances and Moon, Claire and Stevenson, Gillian and Tonkiss, Fran and Wright, Richard (2010) The BJS: shaping sociology over 60 years: special 60th anniversary issue of the British Journal of Sociology British Journal of Sociology, 61 (s1). 1-420. ISSN 0007-1315


Heidensohn, Frances (2009) Contrasts and concepts: considering the development of comparative criminology In: Newburn, Tim and Rock, Paul, (eds.) The Politics of Crime Control: Essays in Honour of David Downes. Clarendon studies in criminology. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 173-196. ISBN 9780199565955


Heidensohn, Frances (2008) Gender and policing In: Newburn, Tim, (ed.) Handbook of Policing. Willan Publishing, Cullompton, UK, 642-665. ISBN 9781843923237


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Heidensohn, Frances and Brown, Jennifer, eds (2000) Gender and policing: comparative perspectives Palgrave Macmillan, London, UK. ISBN 9780333730607

Expertise Details

Feminist perspectives in criminology; gender and crime; gender and law enforcement; international and comparative studies on crime and justice