Dr Christopher  Husbands

Dr Christopher Husbands


Department of Sociology

About me

Dr Christopher T Husbands is Reader in Sociology at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has a doctorate in sociology from the University of Chicago.

His current research interests are in sociological aspects of lexicography, in the history of British sociology, and in legal history. He is preparing a biographical dictionary of bilingual lexicographers and is writing a history of the teaching of sociology at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has also carried out research on racist political parties in western Europe, migration and political asylum in western Europe, the assessment of teaching quality in higher education, and the growth of flexible employment practices in higher education, particularly with respect to the use of part-time teachers. His teaching has covered aspects of British society and methods of sociological research. He has had extensive experience teaching quantitative research methods.

He is an associate editor of Ethnic and Racial Studies and is on the editorial board of Patterns of Prejudice. He is a former member of the editorial boards of the British Journal of Sociology and of Sociology. He is a member of the British Sociological Association. He is also an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Linguists. He was for over twenty years President of the local branch of the University and College Union (formerly the Association of University Teachers) at LSE.

Selected Publications

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