Dr Glyn Robbins

Dr Glyn Robbins

Visiting Fellow

Department of Sociology

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Key Expertise
Housing and urban policy in the UK and US

About me

Glyn Robbins was born in London and has worked in housing since 1991, when he was a student of Professor Anne Power on the LSE's housing Masters course.  In 2013 he completed a Ph.D in planning and urban policy.  Since 2017, he has helped support students on the LSE's Cities Programme and became an LSE Visiting Fellow in 2019.  He also manages a north London council estate.  Glyn's writing about housing and urban policy has been widely published and he has frequently been interviewed by the media on the subject.  In addition to his professional and academic involvement, Glyn is a long-time housing campaigner.   


2020. The Post Coronavirus MetropolisLSE Cities. 

2020.  Glyn Robbins and David Madden. The Limits of Liberal Urbanism. The Jacobin. 

2020. A new agenda for public housingCity. 24:1-2, 85-96.

2020. Fiddling around the edges: Mainstream policy responses to the housing crisis since 2016. Critical Social Policy. Volume: 40 issue: 4, page(s): 649-661.