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Professor Amin Ghaziani

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Department of Sociology

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sexualities, urban sociology, culture

About me

Amin Ghaziani is Professor of Sociology and Canada Research Chair in Urban Sexualities at UBC. He is also the new incoming editor of Contexts, the public-facing magazine of the American Sociological Association. Prof. Ghaziani is author or editor of 5 books: Imagining Queer Methods (NYU), Sex Cultures (Polity), There Goes the Gayborhood? (Princeton), The Dividends of Dissent (Chicago), and A Decade of HAART (Oxford). His articles have appeared in the American Sociological ReviewAnnual Review of SociologyCity & CommunitySocial ProblemsTheory & Society, and Urban Studies. He has received fellowships from the Princeton Society of Fellows and the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, along with awards from the culture, social movements, and the community/urban sections of the American Sociological Association. He is an active public intellectual who has contributed to conversations in the New Yorker, American Prospect, and Time magazines, as well the Guardian; USA Today; Los Angeles Times; and the New York Times. While he is visiting at LSE Sociology, Prof. Ghaziani will be writing his next book, tentatively titled Reinventing Queer Nightlife. In it, he examines racialized organizational innovations that are occurring in the field of nightlife in London.



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Expertise Details

sexualities; urban sociology; culture