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Research at LSE Human Rights

We foster interdisciplinary collaboration on relevant and timely topics about human rights

Current research projects 


Laboratory for Advanced Research on the Global Economy

The Laboratory for Advanced Research on the Global Economy, directed by Dr Margot Salomon, probes the challenges posed by the complexities of the global economy and their implications for human well-being. The Lab has been set up to create a dynamic space for research, from the conceptual to the practical and across disciplines, on the myriad places where questions of human rights, fairness and justice intersect with economic globalisation.


The Regulation of Palestinian Everyday Life

This research seeks to examine the way Palestinians are influenced and transformed by complex regulatory and normative systems, and the ways in which Palestinians in their everyday life perceive, negotiate, manipulate, adapt and resist such frameworks. The research empirically explores the forms of plural subjectivity which replicate themselves through engagement with different norms, institutions, and actors in a non-sovereign state-like apparatus, within a context of Israeli political and economic domination and the rise of neoliberal modes of governance.

Read about some of LSE Human Rights past projects.  

Inter-disciplinary research groups

LSE Human RIghts hosts four discreet research / discussion groups which foster interdisciplinary collaboration, drawing their members from departments across LSE and beyond.

  • Atrocity, Suffering and Human Rights
  • Globalisation, Poverty and Responsibility
  • Internationalism, Cosmopolitanism and the Politics of Solidarity
  • Philosophies of Violence

Find out more about our research groups.

Doctoral students

LSE Human Rights does not have a formal doctoral programme, but academic staff supervise PhD students via their home department (e.g. Law, Sociology etc). We welcome registered LSE MPhil and PhD students from any department or discipline who are conducting human-rights related research to join the LSE Human Rights Doctoral Network.  

The LSE Human Rights Doctoral Network 

The Human Rights Doctoral Network is open to LSE MPhil / PhD students from any department or discipline who are working in the area of human rights. The Network has a Moodle page to assist LSE doctoral students from a wide variety of departments to share information and ideas, support each other and develop new collaborations.

Human Rights Doctoral Research Forum

LSE Human Rights is a member of the Human Rights Doctoral Research Forum - a collaboration with Human Rights Centre at the University of Essex and the Centre of Governance and Human Rights at the University of Cambridge.

The Forum  aims to encourage participation and  collaboration by doctoral students researching human rights from the partner institutions. Students from all all three partner institutions have presented and commented on their work at special networking and workshop events. 

Visiting Fellowships

Our Visiting Fellowship Scheme enables human rights academics, researchers and practitioners to spend a period of time conducting research at LSE Human Rights.

LSE Human Rights Library

The LSE Human Rights Reference Library is home to three collections, which are also catalogued on MSc Human Rights students have open access to the Library. Students and staff from other programmes and members of the public may visit the Library by appointment only.

The Stan Cohen Collection is comprised of books, reports and other published works owned by the late Professor Stanley Cohen (a founding member of the LSE Human Rights) and has been entrusted to LSE Human Rights by his family. The collection contains publications spanning Stan’s interests in deviance, sociology, psychology, criminology, human rights and much more.

The General LSE Human Rights Collection is a small but diverse collection of human rights-related books and reports.

The SO424 Course Core Collection contains some key reading material for MSc Human Rights students.