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Dr Ayça Çubukçu

Dr Ayça Çubukçu

We are hosting a reading group to discuss the work of David Graeber. On February 5, we will discuss The Democracy Project.

A bold rethinking of the most powerful political idea in the world—democracy—and the story of how radical democracy can yet transform America.
Democracy has been the American religion since before the Revolution—from New England town halls to the multicultural democracy of Atlantic pirate ships. But can our current political system, one that seems responsive only to the wealthiest among us and leaves most Americans feeling disengaged, voiceless, and disenfranchised, really be called democratic? And if the tools of our democracy are not working to solve the rising crises we face, how can we—average citizens—make change happen? 

The Democracy Project tells the story of the resilience of the democratic spirit and the adaptability of the democratic idea. It offers a fresh take on vital history and an impassioned argument that radical democracy is, more than ever, our best hope.

The discussion will be led by Dr Ayça Çubukçu, Associate Professor in Human Rights.

From time to time there are changes to event details, so we strongly recommend that you check back on this listing on the day of the event if you plan to attend. 


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